• Tuesday, April 06th, 2021

World stop destroying bibliography, 365 pages bible of the year, beautiful nature, God creation. World, God can forgive us, but his nature cannot. One tomorrow will come and will be so much worse then Nostradamus prediction. America was and is, mother of the world, and will be last mother of the world, and what modern technology never promise to this world will be so much worse the end of the world. World so far in our past, world future was planned, but what is good about God creation, time and days did not change system and minds. Today is ready to help every tomorrow, but not more or less. Then just what God create. World I am 100% sure, nature God creation waiting for us human help, world can we help us self before time come for middle class, rich and poor to be able share what God did not create and modern technology never promised to the world.

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