• Friday, July 10th, 2020

God people, almighty God create only with love, and for love, our Mother Earth, and God people of the world, only with love, and for love, create America, mother of the world.

• Thursday, July 09th, 2020

Life matter, very sad truth. World history did not help us yet, and will not before we forget everything. God does not love me more then you. Life matter, but anything more or less, never was and never will be blessed. World love was forever blessed. Love is everlasting, unmeasurable life provider, healer and teacher, and is one price, for poor, middle class and rich. And only price, what money cannot buy, and pay for. Beautiful, peaceful life.

• Friday, July 03rd, 2020

America former Vice President Joe Biden is not Sleepy Joe. Joe Biden, life psychology and philosophy, possess power as mild warm spring. Love and peace, and is only life power which in 21st century, America and rest of the world need as wildered grass in hot summer days, need raindrops help. America and rest of the world, please wake up, don’t sleep because America is first and only mother of the world, and could be last mother of the world. 100% worst then end of the world. God in advance, help us all, on this earth.

• Sunday, June 14th, 2020

America best life protest is for all of us, only silent love, with big smile on our one America face, and definitely will be able heal and unite America, as America used to be.

• Sunday, June 14th, 2020

My dedication to the mothers, unmeasurable love. America you was first winner underneath the sky. Winner, America first, mother of the world. Before I die, I love to see one flag create above all. America mother of the world.

• Thursday, June 04th, 2020

World stop destroying bible, nature organically create, God creation. God did not write bible. God create bible, 365 pages bible. One side of the pages is white and other side black. White days and black nights. Every page, every day, and night is deeply wound, between east and west, south and north, and earth soil and sky for devil power, and mind in living hell. Exit does not exist with God power. Great life healers and teachers, love and peace leaders, write bible, facing only one everlasting light exit.

• Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Nature is God creation, God create for his nature. Nothing more or less, only what normal life of his nature require, and God create life and death. My question is for stupids and smarts, why we need God, and politician, lawyers and judges to live abnormal life.

• Sunday, May 17th, 2020

World religion, politician, genius and smart, this is how we daily live. Destroying nature, God creation, so far life winners cannot win. Our Mother Earth, and our mothers, women and children cannot win, and also father sky cannot win, healthy air, healthy water, and pure nature energy, healthy food cannot win. World religion, policies, genius and smart, I am simply asking you, how can this world get better, before it get worse, God please help us all.

• Thursday, May 07th, 2020

Nature, God creation it will take at least 700 years to be able to live free, breathe clean air, drink healthy water, and eat pure nature energy healthy food. The world will hit the end, but it will not end.

• Sunday, May 03rd, 2020

World science and doctors ask yourself why not? Only almighty God creation, pure nature energy can help to heal, pure nature energy, same as love, and only love can help to heal love. World science and doctors, if you can create medicine and vaccine, which can help to heal love, that will be the day you will be able create medicine and vaccine without bad side effects, but not before. World science and doctors, nature, God creation, mushrooms, snakes poison and love, possess power to help you open healthy life doors for you and whole wide world. Why not?