• Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

2020 happy holidays, beautiful world, life reality, is very sad. World I hope, you feel same way as I feel. God create, big space as could be big in my heart for whole wide world to live, and himself without paying rent, live together, beautiful, peaceful life with God and love, between all of us. 2020 life reality is very sad. Crying and searching for healthy, peace and love. World remember these words in 21st century. We are one world, tied together, and we cannot, and we will not escape from each other. Should we live together in our hearts with God and love, or should we nourish devil lies, power and mind, and die together, with hate in twenty-four hours our love can change our very sad world and also in twenty-four hours, hate can destroy us all and will be 100% worse then end of the world.

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