• Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

My Dedication to All Women and Mothers

America, I love America because America is my second Mother, and I am proud to say my two grandpas who helped to build America are peacefully resting on American land. America, our Election Day 2016 is not far and it seems to me political promises make too many Americans very excited and some very sad and scared. We are all human beings and live with different life psychology and philosophy, different ideas and different life’s discoveries, but the bottom line is religiously, politically, physically and mathematically, every day we need what we don’t have – the pure Nature’s energy, the healthy food in order to live healthy, think healthy and live with love and peace on this earth. This is what God elected on His first everlasting election day when our Mother earth’s soil He created, without any political promises, just with love and for love. America, I am very proud to be a part of Nature and an American who was born in Croatia and I will try to help us, Americans, and the rest of the world on every election day, help God and His Nature’s only power and truth which can help everyone in this world. I am also very proud because I know that I am not the only one in this world who lives for God’s creation of love and peace and I never run away from God’s creation, the pure Nature’s energy of daily help. America’s and the rest of the world’s election days, I won’t be able to die peacefully, die before I share with Nature my God given gift, my life’s discoveries and my life’s psychology and philosophy. I was born in Europe in 1939 on the island of KRK, Croatia. My life’s school began during the tough and rough days of W. W. II; searching for dry bread crumbs I was afraid to live and I was afraid to die. My father fought in the war with the rest of the men, killing each other with guns, knives and bombs and the worst immeasurable life’s poison – HATE. Throughout long, unforgettable days and nights, I prayed and I cried with my Mother as I searched for love and peace. God is a witness and so am I; women were home praying with their children just like my Mother prayed with me searching for love and peace. It was too early  in my childhood days, but thank God, I hope it’s not too late, my first life’s discovery was that females live for life’s peace and always create peace and males live for power and always love to be in power. This, however, doesn’t hold true for all good life’s providers healthy and strong men. In W. W. I and W. W. II very unhealthy weak man’s power led and so far, throughout my life all war and many different unhealthy miseries, weak manpower leads. Since W. W. II, immeasurable life’s poison in various categories has not stopped spreading around the world. This world has changed about 75% for the worst.

America, election day 2016 and the rest of the election days around the world, I am telling you today what life’s history will tell you tomorrow and will never stop talking about. We are in a very serious, silent and deadly W. W. III, 21st century’s life starvation – the fight between human body’s everlasting God’s system and the human mind which daily cheats our bodies with lies of unhealthy foods. World, remember these words. This world can be destroyed very easily, because God’s system, our body’s system, cannot be changed. My mind also cannot be changed. There is no human being who was born or who will be born, who can change my mind because from the early beginnings of my childhood days, God’s creation of beautiful Nature, healers and teachers “adopted” my body and my mind and I attended only one school – the school of Nature. I read only one book, the 365 page book, one side of the page was white, the other side of the page was black; the white day and the black night. These are the world’s two best friends. 365 days and the four seasons of the year are still turning this world around. I read and I studied and I’m still reading and studying one book which God created through His Nature and for His Nature, the 365 days book.

America, do you think my life psychology and philosophy could be of any help on Election Day 2016? Why not? Our Mother earth soil, women, Mothers and children did not change this world. Who changed this world is …. little by little, every election day changes this world for worse and worse. However, what is good about election day is that the government doesn’t elect the people, the people elect the government, and we, the Americans, have to help America before America, our country, helps us.

America, our life’s balance is badly leaning to one side and it’s not too far from the bottom line, but God didn’t say that we cannot help ourselves. This world is changing and getting worse and worse, but our Mother earth soil, women, Mothers, nine months of pregnancy and children, did not change this world; the immeasurable power which is daily used and abused is waiting to help America and the world, just as the four seasons are turning this world in the right direction

In 2008 Hillary Clinton cried, politically incorrect. Every spring cries, good people cry and laugh with warm tears. Mrs. Hillary Clinton throughout her life was religiously correct, serving life with life’s patience, respect and love. God doesn’t ask anyone in this world for more or for less. American women Mothers and women around the world, on every election day, wake up, stand up. A good life’s provider, a strong healthy man will stand up with you. You are an immeasurable power, beautiful and very tall. My mother’s name was Mary and throughout the days of W. W. II, I remember calling my Mother Saint Mary, the peace maker. World’s women and Mothers, you are immeasurable power. Please don’t’ lose this God’s given gift of creating love and peace. America, on Election Day 2016 vote for Hillary Clinton – her mind and a warm heart. This world needs a new spring and peaceful, warm tears.

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