• Sunday, October 07th, 2012

President Obama’s one word, the word” “STOP” could save what the long century’s days will have a difficulty healing. Modern technology’s big fans, I was born and grew up with new days and new, big life’s promises for a better life, less work and a promise for a longer life. The daily healthy food, health and freedom were not included. Young  world, I grew up and lived with everything that was planted for you, planted very little and too much. However, everything that is too much is not enough to help your today’s and tomorrow’s long future days, but it’s something that is one hundred percent worse than nothing. What it is, it is. It is some of the world’s very unhealthy, undiscovered human minds.

I remember the days after W. W. II when mother earth’s soil and healthy economy combined with women and children and the daily life’s education, began to suffer and starve, and a good healthy strong man began to lose power over his family’s daily life’s power and his life’s dream. A very unhealthy human being life’s revolution began to fight against all of God’s creation, and playing big unfamiliar life’s games, walking away in many different ways from God’s creation, the pure healthy, everlasting Nature’s energy power. The world’s political powers, combined with technology, money and “too much”, began to lead and still lead this world, very far removed from human luck, freedom and the daily life’s health. I remember the very painful, unforgetable days when the doors of religion were closed and locked. People were afraid to mention God’s name and they prayed in their homes behind their own closed, locked doors. Ninety seven percent of the very wise productive people who believed that Nature is God’s creation were saying that God will send a punishment to this world. They asked themselves, “if God’s creation, the pure Nature’s energy, cannot feed us and the rest of Nature, WHO WILL, and WHO CAN?” Big modern technology minds, at the present 21st century time, can you tell us, NOT who can, but WHO WILL,  and will this world have time  to see it and tell us about it?

Young world, definitely, no matter what it is, too much is not enough to be able to help life’s happiness and have a peaceful healthy life to live. However, what is good about it is that Nature , God’s creation, is holding the key to open and close our human life’s doors, and technology is definitely proving to this world, daily, that Nature IS God’s creation. This is a great discovery and it is the 21st century’s new history, the new life’s 3rd testimony. I also remember those days how difficult it was for us people, who owned small businesses and small farms, not to be able to pay huge taxes to those who always promised and loved to share, but never worked, how tough it was for us to walk away from our businesses, stock and farms, land and towns where we were born!! Young world, as a child and a young man, I laughed and I cried with the old and the young and I “walked” away with many of them from my native country of Croatia, formerly known as YUGOSLAVIA, and from my little town of St. John, where I was born. I “walked” away with a wounded heart; the wound is still open and it cannot heal. Young world, we “walked” away without telephones, computers, and life’s promises. We were very lucky  people because this planet, our Mother earth, was not robbed as it is today, and also healthy economy and human health was not yet destroyed as it is today. We “walked” away just with a daily life’s hope, but never too far from the devil’s mind.

Young world, today I am an old man, a father and a grandfather and when I daily see what the modern technology is doing to you, and where it is taking you, it is very sad to say, but it is daily, a daily healthy life’s priority for the good healthy and wise parents and grandparents, to suffer and cry, for you, the young. Young world, from the unaffordable and yet immeasurable W. W. II, the world’s political powers combined with technology and money made a few very large and unhealthy life’s steps too late, over God’s creation, the pure Nature’s energy  power; however, it didn’t take too long for the big and sweet life’s promises to turn into a daily, very unhealthy, hungry, starving lies, because in modern technology’s life’s menu, the daily healthy foods, health and freedom were not included, and this is what was planted and is daily growing  for you, young world. At our present time, “little” and “too much” are in daily power and leading this world and the middle; no matter what it is, it’s the heart of the world and it is starving and dying. Young and old world, rich and poor, can you tell me, what could be less, what could be more, and what could be worse, because “too much” is not enough for today, for tomorrow and for the future of this world, and the world needs more.

Young world, don’t be confused and afraid, because the four seasons of the year will not cease to revolve, the sun will rise. Even though the sky is badly wounded, the polluted raindrops will fall down and what the human bodies cannot accept and adapt to, our Mother earth’s soil will swallow and digest. God loves all of His Nature and you, honest, colorful, beautiful young world and life are very healthy and beautiful without any life’s promises. Young world, follow the everlasting light and daylight, the powerful Nature’s silence that offers no promises, and you will follow your own everlasting life’s luck. My beautiful children and grandchildren and you, the beautiful young world, I am very happy to be able to breathe for you the longest that God lets me breathe. I will not stop. Please, don’t ever forget the following few words, “ Where human promises continuously live, human luck never did, and never will live.” Young world, Nature, God’s creation, is your best immeasurable, uncomparable, everlasting life’s friend, healer and teacher, so is your daily work, especially physical work; it’s your best friend, healer and teacher. Nature is only one life’s category, first healer, then teacher, which possesses the power without any life’s promises over all human power and promises. Nature’s power must be daily planted and transplanted by you, the young world, for you, your children, and your grandchildren’s future days, but only with respect and love and without any involvement of money, because only respect and love in this world can be shared between the healthy and the ill, the rich and the poor. The middle class, who always pay taxes, was and will be included.

Young world, you are a very important life’s light, no less or more than daylight, for this beautiful God’s land, our Mother earth’s soil. You are the only healthy life’s sprouts for the human’s future of this world. You are the only life’s bright light which lives daily in good parents’ and grandparents’ hearts and minds.

When I write about life I am never far from Nature and God, children, women, parents and grandparents; you are always on my mind, and so are you beautiful America, the single Mother of the world. You have saved this world more than once. America, heart of the world, it is not too early, but it could be too late to ask of you, “ Can we Americans save this world one more time for a long time, many ways far from a very wise and bright mind of Nostradamus’ prediction?” Can we Americans and the rest of the world face daily life’s reality? What do we have in comparison to what we are missing, and what is this world searching for daily and each and every hour? What we Americans with the rest of the world have, is very little and too much, and too much is not enough, and we need more, and more, and more leads this world to walk on a one way road with a dead end. The long century’s days will take too long to be able to help human beings to make the life’s turn. Big and wise human mind, the top of the life’s hill, many times I am not certain for myself as to what I can promise God, and I feel very guilty, but I am sure that I can promise you and this world that only for less can the world get more. Technology, I almost forgot to tell you, only for less, can this world get more because too much is not enough. Modern Technology, when you were first born and you were young and growing, you always walked away from Nature and God, you didn’t learn, and you didn’t know, and you still don’t know who Nature is, and what the human mind is. After all, you still don’t know what is most important to know in our life and for our life on daily basis, what is the difference between our human bodies and our human minds. The difference is that our human minds, in many ways, can be very easily pleased and can easily accept and adapt to for some time, what our human bodies cannot, never did, and never will. Technology, in your creation of life’s menu and daily life’s education, you did not include what you could not include, the pure Nature’s energy – its daily healthy food, life’s privacy, freedom and health. WHY NOT? It’s because you were born too late. God’s creation was born before you, without any money, just love. Technology, you are making this world starve, despite all its money and there’s zero respect and love. At our present time, the 21st century time, many different forms of life’s starvation exist. Obesity, combined with daily life’s education, is the number one life’s starvation. Obesity, God loves you and so do I. Your daily, painful suffering speaks to this world and tells this world the exact daily life’s location where this world with technology are lost with too much and very little pure healthy Nature’s energy – the healthy, daily food. What our human minds can accept for some time, our bodies cannot. Our bodies cannot accept or adapt to the unhealthy food. Our bodies through the big suffering times, fight disease and a very big fight continues between our bodies and our minds and sadly, in most of our life’s cases, our bodies are taking the young and the old minds too early, too late, to a deep, cold grave. Some of your life’s education, the undiscovered discovery, should be shamefully stopped, because too much is just enough to destroy God’s creation, our Mother earth’s world.

America, it’s very difficult for me to criticize what I love, and my criticism is filled with my love. Americans, Mother technology makes most of us very happy and cannot stop us from laughing, and too many of us from crying, when it’s late.

I see us Americans, the rich and the poor standing on one life’s line, and the middle class, just like the ice in hot weather, is disappearing. We are standing on one line, far from healthy daily Nature’s energy power, with very little and too much, and the rest of the world is also standing behind us on the same life’s line, with very poor life’s balance. America, Mother of the world, do you know what we are waiting for, and where are we going, or where will we go? America and the world, we definitely cannot wait and lean with our daily, very unhealthy lives on our technology, money and the old political promises. World, can’t you see, this is a new history, and it could be that it’s not very far from THE END. Our human bodies with the rest of Nature, known and unknown harmful diseases are fighting our minds and winning the fight, too early but never too late.  America and the world, I have been observing the immeasurable power of Nature, and I cannot say that it is too late, but it definitely is not too early for the world to cry together like a tender spring, work together like the hot summer days, share together like the “ripe” fall, and laugh together like the last days of winter. America, Mother of the world, if the world cannot do it with us, we should do it by ourselves and help Nature on Election Day of 2012; we should laugh together like the last winter days, because if we don’t, we will definitely help a very old and very unhealthy and same political promises. Americans, as well as the rest of the world, we need our Mother earth’s soil economy, the pure energy, the daily help without any promises.

Whether some people are aware of it or not, Mother earth’s soil’s economy, the pure energy, and human health, as soon as it was born a long time ago, were married, and at our present time the base of the everlasting marriage was and is deeply wounded by our modern technology. However, this marriage cannot be broken before the human health dies. Some of us Americans believe in God, but not what happened to His Nature on a daily basis; it’s not enough but it is just too much and it is something that’s spilling daily over our life’s health, life’s education and the economy, and the very long future days of our children. Americans, the world, and America’s and the world’s economists, for the exact same reason that  Pope John Paul the 2nd used to do, we, too, should go down on our knees and kiss the earth soil’s face. Oh God, help us all because our technology cannot stop us from laughing and hating, and it cannot succeed to create a healthy marriage between the economy and human health like the earth’s soil created.

America, Mother of the world, for our 2012 Election Day, there wasn’t anyone born yet except the soil of Mother earth who can create a healthy economy for everyone in this world, but what we will get in 2012 is what we, with our technology, planted in the past, for every day. A very dark new history is growing with some help from “unhealthy” life’s education. In some parts of this world, the sun couldn’t reach some of the women’s faces. Today, we Americans are covering with plastic carpets the earth’s soil, eyes and face, and at the same time, the healthy economy’s living base. Oh God, can you stop us from covering our healthy economy, the Mother earth’s face.

Technology, world’s economist and some life’s education, physically and mathematically something is wrong with your round circle. It looks to me like a brownstick with a worn out broom. I wonder, why is it that only modern technology doesn’t have any “predator”? That’s very unfortunate. Americans, Nature is an immeasurable power. We have some time to help ourselves even though technology is destroying us every day, but it hasn’t destroyed us yet, everything and all. We should know and learn quickly that what wasn’t born cannot grow, but it possesses a high, very unhealthy power to destroy what was born, grows and should be born. We Americans with the rest of the world, have passed too many times over Nature’s stop signs. Should we Americans, as the Mother of the world, continue, or should we stop? However, it doesn’t matter what we do with the rest of the world, what we passed over Nature’s stop sign, life’s tickets will all be paid. We Americans and the rest of the world should definitely stop passing the Nature’s stop sign and it would be much better for us all, sooner than later, before our zero loses its daily life’s value. It’s very sad, unfortunate, and “life uneducated” that the non-guilty, the old and the young world, and those who will be born, are included in the life’s price. High education, can you tell this world, why?

As I write these words, the word STOP brings back memories of my childhood days, good parents, grandparents, teachers and friends. At the present time, I can daily hear their voices, “Radenko stop, children stop, stop before you hurt yourselves.” The word STOP is, and forever will be blessed and it is a very powerful and “healthy” word. It’s a word which saved more lives in this world than all other words combined.

Not too long ago when there was a seaoil spil and some sea world was “fried,” husband and Father, Pres. Obama raised his voice without any political promises and said, “Stop drilling.” At that second I felt goosebumps cover my body and tears swelled up in my eyes. It was then that I heard the voices of my good Mother, parents and grandparents, teachers and friends, “Children stop; it’s enough.” I did not stop. Three times, good God, for some reason, saved my young tender life. God loves children and his world and that’s the reason why I discovered that the word STOP is forever blessed. The word STOP passed through Pres. Obama’s heart and mind and came out of his mouth and entered the world’s healthy history ears. Does anyone in this world exist who’s in his right mind, who can say less? We Americans, and the rest of the world, should we wait for the day and the days, to tell us more? The day will come, and so will the days, but I cannot tell how far away they are. Young, colorful and beautiful world, I can see all of you with my eyes closed, and I can feel your warm honesty, heart and mind. I see you waking up confused, aware and unaware, asking for what you were born. You ask of some who, themselves, are unaware of why they were born. We were all born to first of all eat healthy food, to live, think and work, and to be able to live healthy and peaceful life. Normal human beings respect peace and love, and never did and never will ask for more. Bottom of the life’s line is that you, as well as the rest of Nature, miss what our modern technology and money has destroyed and that is the Nature’s truth – what money and technology cannot create or buy for us and “our” Nature.

Young world, you are waking up to how beautiful and healthy it could be for this Nature, God’s creation, if the world’s healthy life education and healthy life’s psychology and philosophy could also wake up with you. World’s parents and grandparents, our honest children are killing each other and dying but not for “all of us;” why not for all of us? Technology  and money cannot, and will not, create world’s peace and love, but it daily creates hate, revenge and WWIII’s as well as harmful discovered and undiscovered diseases. Young and old world, parents and grandparents, the rich and the poor, money and technology did not help all of us, because it loves to destroy all of us and this is how the devil’s power operates; it loves to destroy all of us. World underneath the one sky, the young, the old, the rich and the poor, we don’t have so much time, but I think we can do together without any money just with respect and love, what the devil did not and cannot do with “big” money – we can create world peace. Who can tell us that we cannot do this, and why? God loves all of us!

Yes, I can see with my eyes closed that our good, honest children are waking up all around the world as some Nature does in late fall; a great sign exists – the power between God and His Nature – world’s people, the love between us is an everlasting love. We love each other a lot, but we can never trust whoever tells us that we don’t. Yes, only without money, just with love and respect, we can save what the “bad” power loves to destroy. World’s parents and grandparents, with the knowledge of our own past “deceitful “ experiences of life, we should be able to help without any given promises our children, with their honesty, respect and love to enable them to use these “God given gifts” in their future days and for their future days, but to use them only before it is not too late, knowing that world’s love can wait, but hate cannot.

Young world, I can see that all of you throughout this world are “waking up;” just like the clouds that cover the sky from east to west and from north to south, you will cover our Mother earth soil’s face, raising your voices. Raise your voices, but please don’t’ ever raise hate and your hands. Don’t ever hurt anyone or anything. Fight only with respect and love for one world’s government and one law which all of the world’s governments and every human being in this world can trust – the law and the government of God and His Nature. Young world, don’t ever fight and “act” like the guns, the bombs, the pesticides, the vaccines and the modern medicine, which all have side effects, because killing is not healing. This world needs to be healed. Fight and act like the pure Nature’s energy – homeopathy. The richness of Mother earth’s soil is enough to help and heal the Mother’s world. Young and old, rich and poor, we all need God and His Nature’s daily pure energy power, without any “promises.” It doesn’t matter in what country, city or town election day takes place, if we don’t help Nature, we will help the very old, political unhealthy promises; the question for the entire world is, “For how long?” I strongly believe it’s NOT going to be for TOO LONG.

President Obama’s one word, the word “STOP”, in so many different ways can help the world, and could help save what the long days of a century had difficulty healing. America, as the Mother of the world, and with the rest of the world, let’s think about it today, before tomorrow comes.


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