• Tuesday, March 06th, 2012

World wisdom, this world loves and needs America in the 21st century many ways like honey bees needs spring. I wonder, what would happen to the honey bees without the spring.


I call Newt Gingrich another Ronald Reagan, but if Newt Gingrich loses the primary, America and the world, in the short and long run, will be the losers. However, it will not take too long before misery and hate will “help” us all.


If bad didn’t exist, people wouldn’t talk about how good, good is.


WORLD WISDOM, if life’s psychology cannot bloom life’s philosophy could not blossom. Weakness, misery and lies would lead human life on this earth.


WISDOM, sweet was born before the sour, and love was born before the marriage.


WISDOM, I believe that a shower is much healthier for my soul than it is for my face.


Every time I write with my brother he cracks me up. He truly reminds me of another Robinson Crusoe. He too, would survive in the wilderness.


If you’d like to have a healthy, beautiful and natural looking skin you have to feed your skin with healthy nutrition only through “your own mouth.”


I believe hard work is healthy work. “Easy work” is not a very healthy work but it could be difficult to learn and a waste of a lifetime.


In the 21st century God and His Nature are very “poor.” It’s sad. Definitely, money is very rich. It’s very sad. ***

WORLD, what is very bad for me and you if I can sell a lie and you cannot sell the truth?


Young generation, I know that you like to buy and to have. I wish that I could just give you what I have, what money cannot buy.


Parents, help you children to think, how to think and what to think, what to write and what to read and you, teachers in schools, teach the children how to write and very slowly how to read. Just like the rest of Nature, don’t speed. Give the children time to hear their own words and to think.


Life’s Unattached Steering Wheel

Teacher’s now receive a public grade based on their students’ test results and “measured” improvements. I wonder, who was the brilliant person who came up with this idea? Where in this formula is the home life and the parents who bear the largest part of responsibility for their children’s learning from the day they were born?


Life’s educators, what do you expect human beings to learn without the energy of pure Nature? How healthy can this be?


PARENTS, nourish your children with Nature’s pure energy and your respect and love. Give them a little and teach them a lot. They will repay you.


PARENTS, teach your children how to believe in something, because NOTHING doesn’t exist, but worse than nothing does and that is “some human’s minds.”


WORLD’S  life educators, can you please tell all of us, how and what the children of the 21st century learn about their daily life’s health, freedom and future world peace? If this isn’t part of their curriculum, why isn’t it?


WISDOM, when I write, Pope John Paul the second and his life’s psychology and philosophy is always on my mind, just like the bread and butter which used to please us, the poor.


WISDOM, if the world were to compile all of the world’s life’s questions for me to answer, I would answer all of them with one reply, “WHY NOT?”


WORLD, don’t’ you see how bad it is? The pound has diminished its value.


POOR, this world and money are very poor and we cannot ask for what the world doesn’t have – health, love and peace.


WISDOM, I see new gold – new tough law, freedom, peace and love – living without money.


NEW WORLD, don’t’ lose any time looking for new discoveries before you discover the human mind.


I don’t like to die, but I know I’ll die with a wish. It is to be able to come back to see when the earth’s soil is healed, Nature lives freely and women and children are nourished with life’s respect and love.


If humans were to swim like fish, the fish would not exist.


If bad Nature didn’t exist, this world would have been destroyed a long time ago.


HUMANS, technology teaches us so much about everything else, but way too little about ourselves.


Nature, can you help us, humans? We have a problem with poison, bed bugs and rats?


Nature, you don’t talk and that’s the reason why you have taught me to write the short words.


Nature, I know you believe in God, and that’s the reason why you know how to fight for yourself, and God.


Nature, because you don’t speak, you are the greatest philosopher, and an undefeated philosopher you will remain.


Nature, if you could lie you would not exist, and you would not be able to live for you and all of your children.


I enjoy writing philosophy with the same enjoyment that I plant dormant seeds into the soil. Unfortunately, when I talk about my philosophy, nothing comes out of it except a waste of time.


How can the middle class of this world be helped when the poor and the rich don’t have enough?

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