• Friday, May 20th, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is dead
Why dead?
Life is so much better than death
Killing and history of killing and death has not brought any luck to this world yet and it won’t
I mean luck to the entire world – the poor the middle class and the healthy deserving rich
Today, Osama Bin Laden is dead
Sad history doesn’t change and it will repeat itself
What was planted yesterday grows today
Tomorrow, it will bloom
And the day after tomorrow it will blossom
Beautiful world, it is very sad, “Who is leading us all for too long, far away, far away from God’s name and his beautiful Nature’s health and healthy days?”
Always too late
World, we follow yesterday
Yes, we follow yesterday, the past
The unhealthy history, the past
The unhealthy history’s deadly revenge
Yes world, far away from God’s name
Like the foam of the sea’s surface
Silently we humans are drifting away too far for too long

Osama Bin Laden is dead
And can help only the dead
But the dead never did, cannot, and will not help this world
World, stop following yesterday, the past
The deadly promises over and over again
Please, stop planting for yesterday
Please plant for tomorrow and the days after tomorrow
Plant life’s respect and love

Never too late
Tomorrow will bloom
The day after tomorrow will blossom
Please, don’t plant hate
World wisdom, please plant respect and love
Definitely, love will grow bloom and blossom
I mean, bloom and blossom for EVERYONE in this world
Very peacefully and only peacefully, we can defeat the devil’s power

Always too late
God’s people, beautiful Nature, beautiful world
Why always too late and we begin to suffer too early and for too long?
Who is leading us all?
We follow the rich lies, the big promises
We follow the big unhealthy “noises”
We’re walking through a deep darkness
We’re walking where there isn’t any light
We’re walking where there’s no daylight
We’re walking where there’s no existence of a peaceful day and night

Always too late
Late from one end to the other
Truth will wait
God’s people, beautiful world
We have to do what the devil never told us to do
We can do it without anyone and any promises
We can do it with God’s gift that was given to us in that hour when we were born
Born for others
Born with love and for love
Oh beautiful children,
Truth loves you
God’s people, beautiful world
Together, can we do it
Do what we cannot do with hate and too late?
But, if we don’t, what will happen to this world?
Definitely, time will not change and it will not wait
But grass, flowers and trees
The creeks, long rivers and seas will suffer
Truth will not die and it’s not far
Number one and two drops will be enough
To turn this world around
Love can save the world
Beautiful children, it can save you all

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