• Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

(It’s Beginning in the 27th Century and ending in the 21st)


Why, far away from home?
For the very first time I slept and dreamed peacefully about life,
As a tree dreams in the winter,
And as a fruit tree dreams its early spring dream, and blooms and blossoms.
It’s a dream that a fruit dreams in the summer and fall, and it ripens.
A dream, a very last dream.


In my dream, for the very first time,
I let my mind fly and speed,
As free as a bird from its cage could fly,
Underneath the clear, peaceful sky,
And above the blooming and blossoming creeks, rivers, and the deep seas.
I dreamed what I have been searching for since my young days,
My dream is to find love and peace underneath this beautiful sky.
Why, far away from home, in my home?


Far away from home.
It is the first peaceful night,
And the first peaceful dream.
In my dream, no one woke me up,
And no one asked me to write.
I let my mind fly and speed as a mind, but not faster than the speed of daylight,
With the intention of landing,
Before the night closes its eyes.
Speed up as a mind,
But, only, the quickest speed which God had the power to create.


Far away from home, in my home
In my dream, voices of birds, love and peace
Woke me up, before the sunrise.
This happiness made me cry.
I found myself living in a small house,
A house with one door,
A door without a lock.
In my dream, I found the living truth
Existing between the reality and the dream
Far away from home.


Far away from home,
A beautiful morning has risen,
Filled with peace and love.
All nature bloomed and blossomed, like truth.
In my dream, as in my life,
I looked down before I looked up,
And I could tell how happy and peaceful the face of the earth’s soil was.
It was as happy and peaceful,
As a good lover can make
A woman’s face
In the later years of her life.


In my dream, I looked down before I looked up,
And I found the human footprints positioned unusually close to each other.
These footprints made me ponder, “If God created another quicker speed than that of the
human mind, what could IT be?”
I lowered myself to my knees,
And I touched the footprints with my fingers and my mind.
I found the answer to what IT could be
Underneath the footprints


In my dream, a beautiful morning was born.
Forests were covered with large dew tears, love and peace,
And the sun’s healthy rays
Aided the lizards and snakes in removing their winter clothes,
The same as they made me remove mine.
It was the very first moment in my life’s dream
When I could not see anything else in front of my eyes, except the truth, peace, and love God and his nature, truth, peace and love.


It was a peaceful dream, and a peaceful morning
Underneath the crystal-clear, blue sky.
I looked up and I could see
Many angels who were flying very high in the sky
And, flying very low, just above the trees,
Were three angels with large wings,
Holding onto something large and white.
As they flew, far away from home, in their home


I shouted up to them, very loudly,
“Friends, who are you?”
One of them answered,
“Now is the time to say it, “We NEVER WERE, friends.”
The angels flew very low
As they held a blank map of the world in their hands,
The likeness of an animal skin with two large ears, and not too long of a tail


The three angels whose wings were large
Were flying very low.
Two of them held the map of the world, by its shoulders,
And the third one held it by its tail, not willing to release it.
They dropped this map from their hands
And, then, flew away, very low.
I woke up from my beautiful dream,
And I’m unable to stop myself from crying.


World, please, remove your shoes and your socks
And step, with your bare feet,
Onto the face of the earth’s soil.
That answer, to what IT could be,
Will be found there!
Good, almighty God,
It is a long, rough road!
Why, far away from home?

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