• Friday, November 11th, 2005


The door is still open,
For the four beautiful colors,
Of black, white, yellow and red,
And the ones born from them
Peace, we can find
This beautiful earth belongs to us


We must build one step,
A step which can sustain love and peace,
And that is what this soil needs,
And that is what we need
Poor and rich, alike,
We can all be rich


How far can we go?
Far, very far
We can stop wars,
Save innocent people,
And our children’s lives
We can walk on the new road, far


We can find what we did not yet find,
And what we have lost
We can help ourselves,
And it will be the first step,
A strong, healthy step,
For our beautiful children to stand on


We will be able to laugh, suffer and cry
Clean the sky,
And the long rivers and the deep seas,
And breathe fresh air,
Share pure drops of water and tears,
And live a healthy, beautiful life


Black, white, yellow and red,
And the ones born from them
Do we have any other better choice?
Whether we like it or not,
This earth belongs to us


We’re missing the power
We’re missing the words
No one was born,
And no one will be born,
Who will be able to say,


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