• Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Dream Without a Title
Life Without Truth

Drop by drop. How many tear drops can fall into one drop? This earth was created for all nature one huge, deep nest. Itwas made with love, drop by drop.

Not too many decades ago I had a dream. In my dream, someone frightened me, and I turned around quickly. As I did this, my umbilical chord woke up the mother. She looked up at the title and began to cry. For the next nine months, I laughed, and lived with hope. Then, I was born. Thank you.
Suddenly, I found myself landing with my two feet on an unfamiliar, unpaved road. It was then when I took my first deep breath. I started to walk around the same circular road, a road shaped like a deep gutter with two attached ends. As I continued walking on this road, I heard a voice calling out to me, “Child, can you follow me? Walk with me around this circle only once from one end to the other, and meet what a “waste” cannot meet.”

A “funny” dream – “an umbilical chord with two ends, a life with two attached, inseparable ends.” I continued to walk on an unpaved road, but never alone. “Child, follow me”, was an echo I constantly heard in the back of my mind. Then, one day, as two drops of water touched one another, one drop disappeared. The voice vanished.

My curious eyes and mind followed the daylight. A powerful, healthy, silent voice of nature nourished my heart. The tips of my fingers touched and the tip of my tongue tasted what human mind and hands created, could not. As my dream continued, I followed the road in one round curve. My mind soon discovered what my two eyes were unable to see behind the curve. “The umbilical chord with two attached ends, human life as the four seasons of the year which repeat their cycle, a road with desire, beauty and a secret hidden behind its curve.” I found a beautiful garden here; a beautiful green earth with healthy lungs, fresh clean air, and a clear high sky. Grass, weeds, herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees surrounded me. To my left, and to my right, I could see flowers of all sorts, colors and shapes holding together balance and value of life on earth. Wild and tame animals grazed in the green grass. Birds were flying and building their nests without fear. Beautiful earth, healthy nature was all around me. Fish were swimming in the clear waters of rivers, creeks and the deep seas. Human footprints were planted just right, I thought. It’s a beautiful, healthy dream! I saw farmers working on their farms with shovels, spreading pure manure, pure “food” on to their fields. In my dream, I heard the voice of a wise, elderly physician calling out “Health must pass through the kitchen door.” I witnessed children sitting in nature’s lap. Nature was helping their bodies and minds the way human words and minds could not. Women, mothers, were walking with facial expressions resembling an early blossoming spring.

In my dream, I also faced a late fall which fell into the arms of a cold winter. Once again, I heard a voice, an echo, from a high mountain. It was saying, “Child, can you follow me?” Walk only once from one end to the other and meet what a “waste” cannot.”

I walked an unpaved road through all four seasons, and in my lifetime I was unable to find any kind of a waste in God’s creation except some human minds. On the other hand, human body I found not to be a waste.

I’m walking closer to the end of my road. There I can see a clear image of a woman. She is holding an egg in one hand, and a glass of milk in the other. I could hear her as she clearly says, “Child, this is a raw egg and raw milk. Drink it.”

Memories suddenly squeezed my heart. The earth began to tremble and I lost my balance and fell. However, don’t ask me where I fell, or into whose hands I fell. I woke up from my dream and I heard myself saying, “Let’s make a picture from one end.” Why?

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