• Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

21st century high education, above nature, God creation, live and rest on top of thin ice. Some of you, world science, doctors and psychologists. I promising you all, one spring will come and melt ice. But on meantime, whole wide world, modern technology victim, will unmeasurable, suffer, fight, and die. World science, psychologist, philosopher and doctor can you tell whole wide world why? And please also tell why not? God let me be wrong, like I always says and world enjoy.

• Monday, April 17th, 2017

American and I am American and I am handyman. God and his nature helper, and I telling us American walking away from God creation is walking away from God. Walking in wide open, devil arms. God people, world religion, I hope you will understand me. Please correct me if I am wrong. Because I cannot help myself, walking away from my first love. God creation is my everlasting love, and is only life power, which I can take with me in my grave, and left for you beautiful America and beautiful world. Please stay and live with my love. Beautiful nature God creation, America and rest of the world, you will be saved without any life poison and hate, help live peacefully underneath the sky.

• Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Man is man and woman is woman, uncomparable life power. What could be comparable with our life is mothers nine months pregnancy, mothers who deliver life on this earth from all existing numbers. Number one is life leader, create by God. Mother Earth is number one leader and our beautiful mothers is number 2. Life creators and life leaders. Number three, every mothers know how many children she have. But every father doesn’t know how many children he have. Shameful and painful life truth. If women’s, mothers, and Mother Earth, life creators, healthy creators and peace creators in 21st century will not by a lot, help this world. This world will not step over 22nd century doorstep. Healthy strong man, good father, good family provider, and good Mother definitely together can lead genetically unmodified, healthy world. God doesn’t ask for less or more.

• Monday, April 10th, 2017

Dedicated to every mother and father and America, mother of the world. America too many times I write, what I don’t like from the past, present and for future days. God know, I always wish with hope, I will be wrong. And world enjoy, but so far daily life reality telling me, I am not wrong. 2016 through our American primary days, including Election Day. Our life psychology and philosophy scare me as never before. Because America is mother of the the world. Doesn’t matter how many children mother have. Some good, some bad, good mother cannot be wrong. To respect and love them all. Only love and respect can help family and whole wide world live on this earth.

• Monday, April 10th, 2017

I was born honest child in living hell, World War II and I believe I am honest man. And I will die in 21st century in dying hell. Great title for movie maker and life philosopher to write life history book.

• Saturday, April 08th, 2017

I dedicated Syria and rest of the world. Honest people and children who suffer and die from human creation. To many difference category life poison. Modern technology built one life nest from different category life posions, hate and lies for whole wide world. World how and where we can fly away from modern technology nest to be able save us self and rest of the life on this earth. World together and only together and peacefully we can do it because our respect and love is only our human power which can destroy our very unhealthy human creation, unmeasurable life posions, hate and lies, but only possibility exist without World War III and could be last war World War III, last revenge between us human being underneath this sky. American every fight and doesn’t matter is big or small fight. Always create revenge and hate. American I am American, born in Croatia in World War II. I love America because America is my second beautiful mother America. But I also love very much entire God creation and I never meet enemy because I love create friend and I prefer to every American and people around the world hundred percent is always better before enemy create friend. Only and only world together with love and peace can succeed live where we live. But not how we live for too long.

• Friday, April 07th, 2017

Young world, life health freedom, love and peace doesn’t lead you. What is difference between old generation who I remember and generation in our 21st century present time. Difference is old generation from they very early childhood days. They begin share with nature very healthy life power. Health, freedom, love and peace, great school, as life school could be and is only healthy school, healthy life education which only nature can provide for us human being. School without any life pressure, and free. School which our world science children and our human health in 21st century daily and very badly miss. But today new generation who is born in modern technology nest. They will not fly away from the nest. And more they learn, less will know about their own life health, freedom, love, and peace. I’m sorry world, I wish I can tell you less.

• Wednesday, April 05th, 2017

Nobody like to die and only love can kill hate. America 2016 election, some of us life psychology and philosophy, woke up most of the world, and some of the world will not go sleep without peaceful sleeping pills. But on meantime world will taste us American and will not tell us. But our American life patient and love have all answer without any question for whole wideworld. One world stay together, but don’t ever depend on healthy modern technology help. God we need you, please help us all in this world.

• Tuesday, April 04th, 2017

World do you like my life psychology and philosophy. If you like, tell me, why? Our first love did not have right to vote before 1920. World our mothers is our first love, unseperate love.

• Tuesday, April 04th, 2017

World I am lucky writer because night and day make decision for me when and what to write. I write when nature rest and sleep, and beautiful children, beautiful angels dream, their honesty and love help me lot to write. Sometimes I cry thinking about honesty and love. Who took away from too many of us. World parents and teachers can you tell who and why.