• Wednesday, April 08th, 2020

World we laughing too early and crying too late. And I’m sorry did not help us yet. American, Democrat and Republican days are here, but not all yet. Without God creation, pure nature energy, daily involvement, we are lost, so and rest of the world. Lost underneath the sky. On this earth, in our home. American, Republican and Democrats today we cannot meet each other minds. Except in health store food, buying God and his nature truth. Healthy food. American, how beautiful we can live, if we can have what money cannot buy. But we don’t have and without God creation, pure nature energy, daily life power, help we cannot make any decision. How we can live, and how we can die on one way modern technology life road. But human beings will be able help flies make turn, on one way road. If this world cannot change life psychology and philosophy, which helping devil power and minds. And what money power helping create sell and buy.

• Sunday, March 29th, 2020

World healthy life psychology and philosophy, March, Saturday 28, 2020. Whole wide world is closed in their home behind closed door with existing human lies. Lies which cannot live without God and his nature truth between east and west, south and north. And between earth soil and sky. Surround with God and his nature truth, world healthy life psychology and philosophy can you tell me how human lies can escape and where they can go to be able to survive.

• Sunday, March 29th, 2020

World think healthy before positive without God and his nature, daily pure energy help, we human beings could be underneath the sky, only hundred percent worse then nothing. Helping devil, power and mind on one way life road. Dead human bodies will be able tell how long one way road was.

• Saturday, March 28th, 2020

God as you did, please help us, one more time. Very guilty, one variety creature, minds. I don’t mean bodies, I mean just minds. Helping dead, deadly power, to lead life on this earth. Power which possesses power as aspirin, but not for one whole day. Modern technology is dead power, and deadly power. World religion today, March 27th, 2020 in our prayers, God deserve to hear from all of us, this words, good God forgive us, what we done to your creation, beautiful nature, life health. Please God can we have back what money cannot buy and will be just enough for whole wide world to be able, healthy and free, live and die. Almighty God, same as you did, please help us one more time.

• Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

World life education, science doctors, religion and politician, please can you help me and tell me, how I can prepare my body in advance to be able to fight known and unknown harmful disease, including corona in our present time without God creation, healthy air, healthy water, and pure nature energy, healthy food. World forgive me for asking silly life question for believing only in one school, nature life school, which never close door yet, school which allowed freedom to learn and freedom to live with love and for love.

• Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Friday March 20, 2020, God forgive me if I am wrong and you, modern technology, pee on my grave. What is difference between modern technology and love? Same difference exist between devil and God. Our love did not succeed too tied this world together, but modern technology did succeed. World we are very well tied too close together.

• Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Big and small country, we draw and create many maps from the land which belong to us. God draw and create one and only for all of us without any borders and walls, just with love and for love. For his beautiful, colorful world.

• Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Hello Croatia, part of my heart. Croatian people, like always just pray. Modern technology you are one seedless death and deadly season create on one way road. How long road is, I cannot tell. Flies will make turn, but you modern technology will not, don’t forget, you will not.

• Tuesday, March 03rd, 2020

I wonder corona disease, how many brothers, sisters, cousins, and very close friends have. World science and doctors, what is most important, in our human healthy life is discover what is difference between devil and God, and human bodies. Unchangeable, very intelligent system, and human minds, too many question about corona disease exist and not too many, healthy life answer, few second ago, I heard on TV, some our leaders and doctors voices wash hands with water and soap, use mask, don’t go where is too many people and so on. I wonder, if any better recommendation exist and before vaccine, probably not, but why not. I don’t know because I’m not scientist and doctor, but I am doctor only for myself, and my recommendation is for myself, always unadvance before is too late. Breathe fresh clean air, drink clean healthy water, and eat pure nature energy, healthy food, my body is always right, but many times my stupid mine is not. America and rest of the world, our bodies, always waiting to fight harmful disease, but our minds too far from nature and God. is not ready. How and when will be ready can you tell to this world.

• Friday, February 28th, 2020

God people don’t ever stop loving nature and God. This earth is load with life poison. Rockets and bombs, world hate is married and will not have divorce and will die together, our world system, communism, capitalism, socialism, and so on and on. Possess same power without any law. Rich and poor cannot share together and middle class is very responsible to pay income tax, God people, love will last forever, be patient and pray on advance in 21st century hate will deeply suffer and will not make step over 22nd century doorstep, world days will come what modern technology never did and never will promise to the world, rich middle class and poor will share together, one system, God and his nature system, Mother Earth will takeover from everything and all.