• Thursday, May 07th, 2020

Nature, God creation it will take at least 700 years to be able to live free, breathe clean air, drink healthy water, and eat pure nature energy healthy food. The world will hit the end, but it will not end.

• Sunday, May 03rd, 2020

World science and doctors ask yourself why not? Only almighty God creation, pure nature energy can help to heal, pure nature energy, same as love, and only love can help to heal love. World science and doctors, if you can create medicine and vaccine, which can help to heal love, that will be the day you will be able create medicine and vaccine without bad side effects, but not before. World science and doctors, nature, God creation, mushrooms, snakes poison and love, possess power to help you open healthy life doors for you and whole wide world. Why not?

• Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

Sad and life winners cannot win, and that is only reason why I never vote. Our Mother Earth and women’s, mother’s of the world in 21st century cannot win. Life winners cannot win, and without life winners, help the world have to touch end. God people, God and his nature, doesn’t not asking us or telling us to vote for so long, do we know for who and why we vote.

• Sunday, April 26th, 2020

In 21st century whole wide world facing what some very high education above God and his nature, pure energy can create, many hospitals and many jails, but not enough and one living hell for whole wide world. Hell without windows, with only one door for all of us, rich, middle class and poor. Not to be able live free, and die free.

• Sunday, April 12th, 2020

God creation, pure nature energy, never did and never will accept human creation, including medicine and vaccine. World healthy life psychology and philosophy, scientist and doctors up to three years old children minds, snake poisons, and nature secret which you can discover underneath stones will help you heal and lead healthy, happy and peaceful world, but only with nature, pure energy power. Love for love.

• Saturday, April 11th, 2020

From God and devil, help exist. Known and unknown harmful disease. I can’t tell if you know what I know, but you and I know human beings only can wound you, but human beings cannot kill you. Known and unknown harmful disease, I telling you in advance maybe what you don’t know, slow down because if you kill us all existing human beings most of you, known and unknown harmful disease you will not be able to live.

• Saturday, April 11th, 2020

God help us pray. God people happy holidays. God people we are very lucky people if we know where God live free. Coronavirus close us behind our doors. God people, be patient, don’t be afraid, only once forever, patient was blessed. God people coronavirus for all of us possess same power as “sunset and sunrise”. God people doesn’t matter what happen to this world if God live in our hearts we are free and will be saved. God help us pray.

• Wednesday, April 08th, 2020

World we laughing too early and crying too late. And I’m sorry did not help us yet. American, Democrat and Republican days are here, but not all yet. Without God creation, pure nature energy, daily involvement, we are lost, so and rest of the world. Lost underneath the sky. On this earth, in our home. American, Republican and Democrats today we cannot meet each other minds. Except in health store food, buying God and his nature truth. Healthy food. American, how beautiful we can live, if we can have what money cannot buy. But we don’t have and without God creation, pure nature energy, daily life power, help we cannot make any decision. How we can live, and how we can die on one way modern technology life road. But human beings will be able help flies make turn, on one way road. If this world cannot change life psychology and philosophy, which helping devil power and minds. And what money power helping create sell and buy.

• Sunday, March 29th, 2020

World healthy life psychology and philosophy, March, Saturday 28, 2020. Whole wide world is closed in their home behind closed door with existing human lies. Lies which cannot live without God and his nature truth between east and west, south and north. And between earth soil and sky. Surround with God and his nature truth, world healthy life psychology and philosophy can you tell me how human lies can escape and where they can go to be able to survive.

• Sunday, March 29th, 2020

World think healthy before positive without God and his nature, daily pure energy help, we human beings could be underneath the sky, only hundred percent worse then nothing. Helping devil, power and mind on one way life road. Dead human bodies will be able tell how long one way road was.