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• Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Money, devil power and mind, create marriage, between politician and some religion leaders, anti-abortion require God creation, pure nature energy, clean healthy air, clean healthy water, and pure nature energy, healthy food. Everything what devil, power and mind cannot create, and cannot buy.

• Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Do you know who I am? America election 2020, healthy life psychology and philosophy. Debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, was real. Organically born and grow, human minds, human beings, we was born and die with our lifetime truth. Life reality exist, unmeasurable sweet and sour taste, mind which cannot be changed. Mind which can succeed, change high mountains and whole wide world. Before some of the world, succeed change his mind, too late. God please help us all, on this earth. Because we will not be able succeed to live without yours creation. Beautiful healthy nature for too long.

• Friday, October 02nd, 2020

21st century future is what communism, capitalism and modern technology, never did promise to this world, whole wide world will share together, all existing, known and unknown, harmful disease will be wound, but will not die before humans beings stop laughing and crying. 21st century very sick, life psychology and philosophy lead this world without God creation, pure nature healthy energy, daily involvement. World I will leave you with these words and one question, God can forgive, but his nature cannot. Why not?

• Thursday, September 24th, 2020

America, mother of the world, our election 2016, life psychology and philosophy, very quickly create new history. Which grow fast as mushroom, overnight. Make me laugh and cry, history which turn into umbrella, perfect size to fit underneath the sky and cover the earth. History, which will not face, what human beings did not create. America, mother of the world, so and you world, facing life reality, wake up today from yours dreams. Only with respect for lives, love and peace. Please wake up today because tomorrow could be too late.

• Friday, September 18th, 2020

World religion and politician, God could not create, what human being create. God love his creation, beautiful nature, more then God love himself. God will not buy, we human beings pray a lot and I’m same time destroying God creation, including our religions. God could forgive us, but his nature cannot and will not. Nature, healthy life balance is completely lost, very smart, big world. What now? I believe God did says, help yourself and I will help you too. God what now? My life question turn in one answer for whole wide world. Human beings, we cannot live better before worse. Because daily and deadly, silent fight between our human bodies and minds cannot stop fight. Human minds, you create many life systems and lies. Unacceptable life power for God creation, human bodies and rest of the natures lives. World healthy life psychology and philosophy, only one answer for life and death, for whole wide world on this earth exist. Human beings, human minds, when you stop cheating and lying, God creation, life and death system that will be hours and days, Corona and all known and unknown existing harmful diseases, 95% of them will starve and die so and devil power and mind. Yes that will be day and days, when human healthy life and strong healthy religions could begin to spruce, grow, blum and blossom. If is not too late, but not before. God could not create what human beings create because world will not be able exist for too long. God please now, help us all.

• Saturday, September 05th, 2020

Months of the March is child, who cannot waste life energy, love. People who is born in March, possess same life power, as March. They can live, healthy and happy life without psychologist help, but they cannot live, healthy and happy life, without warm love. Love is life and life is love. Born and die in our eyes, minds, and warm hearts.

• Saturday, September 05th, 2020

Almighty God, please help my mind. I believe, I was not born confused, and also I was not confused before I learn, sign my name. God I live with hope. I will not die guilty. Because I believe this world will be grammatically destroyed, but definitely I will not be involved. God you can see, grammatically I cannot live and I cannot, grammatically write and die. God help me to think, what is worse, polluted air or polluted minds, and what could be worse then is for my body and mind. Not to be able breathe, healthy clean air. Not to be able drink, clean, healthy water, and not to be able eat, pure nature energy, healthy food, and not to be able, from natural causes, free to die. God please tell me, why I learn, sign my name. Almighty God, please tell the world, what is worse to be born or not to be born in living hell. Thank you God, I love and respect, your creation, same way as I love and respect you.

• Friday, August 28th, 2020

World election in 21st century, what is our human life base. Where we staying, where we going, and what we looking for? God love his nature. His creation, more then God love himself, and is nature, and for nature, only first and last, lucky life’s stop sign. Go and stop. Live free, and die free.

• Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Beautiful America, mother of the world, election 2016, create new history to fast. Time will be able tell, too early was and is too late.

• Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

My dedication to the world, life psychology and philosophy, I am very proud to tell, I am American, born in Europe, Croatia. Before I die, I like to introduce to the world, my life philosophy, which possess power, as a needle with thread.