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• Friday, October 02nd, 2020

America, healthy life psychology and philosophy, Tuesday, September 29, first debate between warm spring and cold, long winter was real and was more then enough to open our eyes, ears and lead our minds. America election 2020 some of us American will vote for warm spring and some for cold, long winter. America only one truth exist, God truth, we are all God creation, nature and we should vote only for us self, nature. God people don’t you see, our healthy religions and all children who should be born before they are born, asking us, telling us, please please pray and vote for God creation, nature, before money destroy life on this earth. American people because we are nature and our soul can not walk or run away from nature, but our minds can walk and run in cold graves. God people, always vote for God creation, nature.

• Saturday, August 10th, 2019

I am American, born Croatian. Every child, was, is and will be born on this earth, our mother earth, citizen with everlasting passport, love. To be able walk free from east to west, and from south to north, love is freedom, and freedom is love. Only with love, to be able walk round the world and back and forth. World keep on your mind, our mother earth belong, only to one creator, almighty God. World only together, we can walk free, and turn this world around. In 21st century, walk away from devil power and mind. Walk-in almighty God’s arms, and sooner is better than later. Thank you, God for love and freedom.

• Wednesday, March 07th, 2018

Not too long life winter will end, very far from warm spring. I believe in this world is too late to win, modern technology is one season with deadly seeds, poor will not get rich, and very rich will die poor child will not be born who will be able to breathe clean air, drink healthy water and eat pure nature energy healthy food, legally and illegally existing life poison. Guns hate and the deadly existing economy will win, not too long nasty life winter, will end, very far from warm spring.

• Sunday, December 31st, 2017

My dedication to everlasting life power, God and love, beautiful people, beautiful world, I wish you happy new year 2018, my wish is not expensive, I believe we can all afford, share together underneath the sky, share together what money cannot buy, love. I begging you world please help my wish, I will peacefully die because I love you world, and also worrying for children who will be born.

• Sunday, December 17th, 2017

For me beauty happiness, and health without nature, cannot be found underneath the sky.

• Saturday, December 02nd, 2017

Bad life luck, fish love to follow light and we people money.

• Monday, October 30th, 2017

One day will come, my bones will turn into earth soil. And my dormant seeds, writing words will bloom and blossom. So and love and peace underneath the sky.

• Sunday, July 02nd, 2017

People who don’t think for tomorrow. They complain tomorrow.

• Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Young people if you like to be healthy life psychologist and philosophers definitely you need fresh warm, daily nature energy help. And also you need human being truth and lies help. Make sure you read nature 365 pages book. One side of the page is white and other side black. Day and night, I am 100% sure you be able meet truth.

• Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Best life and life diet is happiness. Think healthy and eat healthy. Eat a little less then enough. Physically work is key from our healthy diet, body and mind, and our entire healthy life.