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• Thursday, April 14th, 2022

World I believe President Vladimir Putin last answer is world don’t push me in corner and is the same unpromise power which modern technology never promised to this world, but sooner then later, whole wide world will share together, winners will die. Close to one thousand years, unmeasurable suffering, on this earth will not be able to heal, guilty world, accept adopt and create what almighty God could not create because God creation, nature, will not be able exist.

• Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

President Joe Biden is not sleepy spring, Joe Biden is as warm mild spring, act think, walk and talk with low voice just like warm, mild spring. Waking up, tiny, hungry, and cold nature, and is only philosophy which can succeed and help us human beings stay with nature. Share with nature, nothing more or less, just as rest of nature. If we like to live on this earth.

• Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

God creation is everlasting, beautiful, healthy, history. History which devil power and mind between earth, soil, and sky, love to change. World religion and politician can you tell today for who and why Ukrainian and Russian honest people, suffering, fighting, and dying. I was born 1939 underneath, unpolluted, normal, beautiful sky. But born in living hell, WWII. For 83 years observing nature, God creation and some human mind, walking away on one way road from God creation, helping devil power and mind. Change the earth and sky. World I wish, I can, tell you today, what daily life reality cannot. Russia, China, America, big and small country, you have only two choices, together today and maybe tomorrow, but only together fight against devil, power and mind, but if you don’t, I promising, whole wide world together will share what modern technology, never promise to the world. God people, fight only for God creation, wounded and polluted earth and sky, fight only with love for love, and is only everlasting power, which sprout, bloom and blossom, America mother of the world, and is only power, which talks slow, sprout, bloom and blossom as warm, mild spring, and without any election, helping summer, fall and cold winter days, turning God power and truth round, and round.

• Friday, February 04th, 2022

World don’t worry about before money disappear. Yes, before money disappear, sky will not rest, love and peace will not cover earth. Harmful disease will have feast, Jesus Christ will not come, and organically healthy growing communism will not exist, oh God I wish I can says today, goodbye lies.

• Monday, January 31st, 2022

So far America is second mother of the world, and very quickly could be last mother of the world. Some of you world today, please stop playing deadly life game with America. I believe, I can promise to whole wide world, America last mother of the world, will be 100% worse then end of the world. Winners will not exist, lucky people and human luck will die. Unmeasurable suffering for long century days underneath the sky will not be healed.

• Monday, January 31st, 2022

I am just like you, and you are just like me, nature God creation, life title to be able live, healthy beautiful, and peaceful life, I don’t need more or less, than you. Just healthy air, healthy water, and healthy food. World yes, only one healthy life title exist, above our wishes, our prayers, and everything and all. But not above, our two words, thank you God for everything and all. Title from our lifetime. From beginning to the end. God does not love me more than you.

• Thursday, December 30th, 2021

Big country, you are very weak country. Only hate help you create life poison, rockets, bombs guns, and deadly economy on one way life road, how long is road? But doesn’t matter, how long is road. Modern technology, unpromises, whole wide world will share together. World think about, God everlasting law. Beautiful healthy, lovely law. Many life questions, but only one answer for whole wide world exist share together.

• Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

World lawmakers, do you know who is truth? And who is lie? Truth is life witness and is only witness, who is never afraid to talk and tell the truth. Who is lie? Lie is who does not trust anyone. Lies love silent and if it’s possible forget everything, and go on and on with lies, and normally always use God power and God name as shield. Lies is worst life poison. Poison which can destroy and divide country, city and town, families, brothers, sisters, and friends, and cannot be trust in empty house and in graves before then is destroy from bottom of the root up.

• Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Number one is Almighty God, number two is God creation, nature, unseperate, unmeasurable, healthy life and death power. Number three is bible, some human great expression, writing on pieces of paper, but number three can not be number two. Nature, God creation same as a chicken eggs, can not be chickens, very highly, I believe and respect Almighty God, and his creation, nature. And also I believe in chickens more than I believe in chicken eggs. Colorful beautiful world please stop building wall between nature and God.

• Monday, December 06th, 2021

21st century worst life history underneath the sky was create on one way life road. Death and deadly power without any promises playing life game with nature, God creation. Devil power does and will destroy himself on one way road, and is power which cannot help himself, live and die. 21st century, life history will change the world, but not for better. Before than for worse.