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• Monday, December 06th, 2021

21st century worst life history underneath the sky was create on one way life road. Death and deadly power without any promises playing life game with nature, God creation. Devil power does and will destroy himself on one way road, and is power which cannot help himself, live and die. 21st century, life history will change the world, but not for better. Before than for worse.

• Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

World religion and politician, God did not help us create what God could not create. Why God could not create? But who is, who help us and lead us, step over nature God creation. Destroying God creation, creating unhealthy air, unhealthy water, and unhealthy food. Creating unmeasurable life poison, including bombs and guns. Creating underneath the sky, living hell for beautiful honest children, honest angels to be born, and helping us destroy healthy God freedom, creating our life law. Not to be able live free and die free. World religion and politician, after World War II, some people ask where was God, today my question is for whole wide world, where was we, human beings. Before World War II started. World we cannot serve devil and God. But from World War II on, human beings except undefeated, very unhealthy power, money power, and devil power and mind. Power which today lead life on this earth. World in our present 21st century time, whole wide world face and share, what God did not, and could not create. What most of the world adopt too early and today turn to be too late. To ask God, give us back, what we destroy, very unhealthy power which does not like to die. Lead life on this earth for too long and fight harmful disease, medicine and vaccine fight harmful disease, but not destroy. Good God is not yours and my fault why I accept to be vaccinated to be able fight corona harmful disease, but not kill. Today, daily life reality, telling to the world, today is too late to says to medicine and vaccine, no. Through all my lifetime, God and his nature, live in my heart and is not lie. God was with me, when I accept vaccine. God know me because I was and still is handyman. God and his nature, life helper. World and future of the world, I leave you with these words, “If God lead you, God will not leave you.”

• Friday, October 29th, 2021

Life was create from somethig and nothing, nothing does not exist. Nothing is everlasting, unmeasurable, unvisible power of the power and is only witness to this nature, who create nature.

• Friday, October 29th, 2021

Devil who don’t know what healthy, happy and beautiful marriage is, three words most powerful words in this world, only can make healthy, happy and beautiful marriage. Words love, trust, and freedom.

• Friday, October 29th, 2021

Science and doctors possess less power without nature God creation, pure energy life power than wildered grass without raindrops in hot summer days.

• Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

World religion and politician do you know Mother Earth is God land, I wonder Jesus Christ, what will do with refugee and for refugee. World if you land on any other planet and find life, please don’t lie, tell the truth, who we are. We are refugee from planet earth and we should tell why and what we create on God land without any love for love, God and his nature.

• Tuesday, September 07th, 2021

God forgive me, how we human beings live and think, who lead us and why. Destroying nature balance, bodies and minds. Destroying God creation. The world was not born stupid, but will die stupid. Words smut, please can you tell, why die stupid.

• Tuesday, September 07th, 2021

I believe Nostradamus was most intelligent human being so far on this earth, because he read very well in advance what human mind can do., and also I believe Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and some other genius did not learn what children from parents never should learn. Today life reality is here, but not all yet for some of the genius to think too late.

• Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

American election 2016, possess power, like frosty spring, but no one can tell for how many season, how many years, and with America and rest of the world will deeply interfere, only united America create America, beautiful mother of the world. One world, one God and I hope is not only one me. Who asking today. America and rest of the world, please be united just with love and God truth. Because tomorrow could be America, last mother of the world. 100% worse for whole wide world then end of the world. World remember only without love and God truth sooner then later will happen. America will be last mother of the world.

• Monday, August 16th, 2021

Human beings why my human body was and is very intelligent and stupid my mind. World this is what was, always on my mind, I could not discover for 100% why stupid my mind and I couldn’t ask question anyone, before I die. But I can tell you world, physical work possess unmeasurable life power and has a lot to do with time and our human body and mind.