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• Monday, March 01st, 2021

America election 2016, cannot heal, un-united America before truth is discovered and united. America seems to me, our science, psychology and philosophy does not think un-advanced too early is too late, and our election 2016 right from beginning, was and is include, too early turn too late. For today and could be for long future days. America mother of the world, only God truth, can unite us, heal us, and help us all, including help rest of the world, but our, I’m sorry never did and never will help us all. God help us all. American live in love and peace.

• Monday, February 08th, 2021

Underneath this sky, world cannot get better, before worse. Nostradamus prediction was and is very close, but my is worse. America was and is, first mother of the world. And will be last mother of the world. Zero will lose value. Numbers from one to nine will badly suffer, but will not all forget everything. Rich and fat flies on one way road, will make turn. So and number one, everlasting love will make turn. World don’t waste time, pray and love God.

• Tuesday, January 05th, 2021

American, what we done to us self from year 2016 on from third grade. Children in they lifetime will not be able to forget, and some of you, country involvement, should be shame and very afraid because winners underneath this sky, sooner or later will not exist.

• Saturday, January 02nd, 2021

Croatia people, I love to tell whole wide world, who we are, and what we know. We are always wounded and scared and we know, how to pray and love God, Croatia people, don’t be afraid, we always share our blood with God land and for God land, our Croatia home, and we never stop, pray God for help, I was there. I remember earthquakes and bombs and bloody sky and I remember, from our churches, doors lock and close. But we never stop, pray and share, caring Jesus Christ cross. Croatian people, we always live with tiny hope and God name, and we should not to be afraid to die for God name, we have to believe, why Jesus Christ die on his cross, die for everlasting love. Croatia earthquakes will stop, wounds will heal, day will come, light will rise.

• Thursday, December 31st, 2020

World life education science and doctors in our present 21st century time do you realize, playing life game with nature, God creation. You waste, healthy lifetime because everything was create and plant, what human mind and hands cannot plant and transplant. Playing life game with nature, you did not discover yet, too early is too late, and today is too late for medicine and vaccine to help us human beings to win playing life game with nature, God creation. Never did and never will, human beings, for some time, we can only plant and transplant our own creation.

• Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Some of you world, I believe is healthy, and very beautiful, always talk about God, and very stupid, ugly and very unhealthy without any connection in same time. Not to talk about God creation, nature. Some of you world, can you tell, to you own bodies, and rest of the world, how God can help us, live on this earth without his healthy creation. Beautiful, healthy nature, this is what I believe, why Jesus Christ die on his cross. God love his creation, his nature, more than God love himself. World, but is just enough for us human beings to be able nourish devil power, and mind without any involvement between nature, God creation and God name. I always, always, very proud, thank God for his creation, before I pray.

• Monday, December 28th, 2020

If you believe in God, you cannot tell, and you cannot ask, God for more, or less. World, only one healthy life and death system exist. God and his nature, pure energy power, but also by human beings was make too many life systems and regimes and is very successful power, which destroying God creation, health, freedom, love, and peace on this earth. On one way, life road. World religion, nothing does not exist, but human mind could be 100% worse then nothing, and so much worse then end of the world.

• Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

2020 happy holidays, beautiful world, life reality, is very sad. World I hope, you feel same way as I feel. God create, big space as could be big in my heart for whole wide world to live, and himself without paying rent, live together, beautiful, peaceful life with God and love, between all of us. 2020 life reality is very sad. Crying and searching for healthy, peace and love. World remember these words in 21st century. We are one world, tied together, and we cannot, and we will not escape from each other. Should we live together in our hearts with God and love, or should we nourish devil lies, power and mind, and die together, with hate in twenty-four hours our love can change our very sad world and also in twenty-four hours, hate can destroy us all and will be 100% worse then end of the world.

• Monday, December 14th, 2020

Honest people will pay price, if you believe in God. Can you tell, what is worse? Death penalty or saint honest. Young people, killing each other in every war. For who they fight, and why? Creating revenge, again and again. I believe, in 21st century, last revenge, one truth, whole wide world will share. As always honest people, will pay for guilty, one price.

• Friday, December 11th, 2020

Will be very beautiful, healthy and peaceful, life on this earth. Make America great again, so and rest of the world, make great again. But cannot be done, before God creation, nature is great again. As used to be.