• Monday, November 09th, 2020

My dedication to the nature, God creation. God people, only life and death, healthy system exist, God and his nature system, and doesn’t matter, how is turn, God and his nature or nature and God. And what could be worse the political system is some people, who always talk about God, but never talk about his creation, nature. I believe God can forgive, but his nature cannot, and will not. God people in our prayers, heart and minds, God and his nature, or nature and God, have to be always connect, as is day and night connect. Human beings, we cannot live, healthy life without God creation, nature. and also without healthy, night, cannot be healthy day. And cannot be healthy day without healthy night. World religion, bottom line is, devil power and mind, without God creation, pure nature energy power cannot be defeat. Human beings, how most of the world think, our psychology and philosophy, will not succeed, to help us live better before worse on one way, 21st century life road.

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