• Friday, September 18th, 2020

World religion and politician, God could not create, what human being create. God love his creation, beautiful nature, more then God love himself. God will not buy, we human beings pray a lot and I’m same time destroying God creation, including our religions. God could forgive us, but his nature cannot and will not. Nature, healthy life balance is completely lost, very smart, big world. What now? I believe God did says, help yourself and I will help you too. God what now? My life question turn in one answer for whole wide world. Human beings, we cannot live better before worse. Because daily and deadly, silent fight between our human bodies and minds cannot stop fight. Human minds, you create many life systems and lies. Unacceptable life power for God creation, human bodies and rest of the natures lives. World healthy life psychology and philosophy, only one answer for life and death, for whole wide world on this earth exist. Human beings, human minds, when you stop cheating and lying, God creation, life and death system that will be hours and days, Corona and all known and unknown existing harmful diseases, 95% of them will starve and die so and devil power and mind. Yes that will be day and days, when human healthy life and strong healthy religions could begin to spruce, grow, blum and blossom. If is not too late, but not before. God could not create what human beings create because world will not be able exist for too long. God please now, help us all.

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