• Saturday, September 05th, 2020

Almighty God, please help my mind. I believe, I was not born confused, and also I was not confused before I learn, sign my name. God I live with hope. I will not die guilty. Because I believe this world will be grammatically destroyed, but definitely I will not be involved. God you can see, grammatically I cannot live and I cannot, grammatically write and die. God help me to think, what is worse, polluted air or polluted minds, and what could be worse then is for my body and mind. Not to be able breathe, healthy clean air. Not to be able drink, clean, healthy water, and not to be able eat, pure nature energy, healthy food, and not to be able, from natural causes, free to die. God please tell me, why I learn, sign my name. Almighty God, please tell the world, what is worse to be born or not to be born in living hell. Thank you God, I love and respect, your creation, same way as I love and respect you.

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