• Tuesday, March 03rd, 2020

I wonder corona disease, how many brothers, sisters, cousins, and very close friends have. World science and doctors, what is most important, in our human healthy life is discover what is difference between devil and God, and human bodies. Unchangeable, very intelligent system, and human minds, too many question about corona disease exist and not too many, healthy life answer, few second ago, I heard on TV, some our leaders and doctors voices wash hands with water and soap, use mask, don’t go where is too many people and so on. I wonder, if any better recommendation exist and before vaccine, probably not, but why not. I don’t know because I’m not scientist and doctor, but I am doctor only for myself, and my recommendation is for myself, always unadvance before is too late. Breathe fresh clean air, drink clean healthy water, and eat pure nature energy, healthy food, my body is always right, but many times my stupid mine is not. America and rest of the world, our bodies, always waiting to fight harmful disease, but our minds too far from nature and God. is not ready. How and when will be ready can you tell to this world.

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