• Saturday, August 17th, 2019

America and rest of the world, election days. Bad news, money cannot buy time. World 21st century, time is here, but not all yet. Money power, lead whole wide world, devil power, lead whole wide world. What God could not create, lead this world. Hate, unmeasurable life poisons, guns, bombs, rockets, medicine, vaccine, deadly economy, and so on. Everything what money power could and did create. Money selling, and buying, and lead lost world, on one way, modern technology, short road. World time is here. We cannot live normal life with money, and without money, on modern technology, one way road. Is short road, and money cannot buy time for us human beings. God could not create, what money power, and devil mind did create. Because world will not be able exist. Bad news on our seedless, modern technology. One way road, money cannot buy time. World how long is one way road.

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