• Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

America on election day 2020, I prefer to all of us American. Vote for love, so and you rest of the world, vote for love. My dedication to one mother, America mother of the world, this is only for America, healthy life psychology, and philosophy. Life reality was and still is, if America was not great America. America will not be mother of the world from first day, when American begin to grow, I only can tell, thank you God, and thank you America, moms and dads, parents and grandparents with big healthy minds, and big warm beating heart, who never did stop yet, helping America to grow, and helping whole wide world to grow, respect and love for human life on this earth. God could not create his nature without respect and love for life. Mothers without respect and love for life, will not be able exist today. Mother America without respect and love for life, will not be able succeed to be mother of the world for to long, but in this case, could be very quickly last mother of the world and silent will cover the earth. America and rest of the world, healthy life psychology and philosophy, including world religion in our 21st century present time, if you ask me, what is more important for us human being, air to breathe, or love to live, and die. I will tell, love is more important.

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