• Thursday, July 04th, 2019

I Radenko Fanuka support America election 2020. Elizabeth Warren and whole wide world, love, and peace, I am nature, human being. I love and support nature because if I don’t, I could be only perfect stupid. I am not republican, and I am not democrat, but I am American. I love very much America and rest of the world, and I hate, our world politically life psychology and philosophy, which possess same life power, as harmful disease cancer. But one difference is and exist, our life psychology and philosophy will be destroyed, before cancer. America, I will not change my life psychology and philosophy, for whole wide world, money, diamonds and gold, but I love to share my life psychology and philosophy with nature, Elizabeth Warren, and whole wide world, love and peace. Elizabeth Warren is beautiful human being. Big healthy mind, and good warm, also big heart, God does not ask for more, but devil does. To end this world, with World War III.

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