• Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

My dedication to America election 2020 and on. America we plant America flag on the moon. And I wish we can plant on our mother earth soil, human health, which can be nourished with healthy air, healthy water, and daily healthy, pure nature energy food. Almighty, God, moon, and every existing plant, definitely will love us American all. And I will be able, peacefully die. So and you American will be able peacefully live and peacefully die with America freedom, America flag, plant deep in our hearts. America and rest of the world, healthy life psychology, philosophy and science. In 21st century, how this world live and think, I love to know, what is your discovery and what will be reason if life exist on some existing plant. To accept and love us human being. My discovery is in 21st century present time, our human bodies, cannot except, our human minds, daily lies, above and under, God and his nature law, our human minds turning, 100% worse then nothing. In 21st century, time will be my witness, and will be able tell, worse then nothing.

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