• Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

World I cannot find any difference life value between our Mother Earth and womens, our mothers. Mother Earth and our mothers, they are mothers of the nature. Mothers of the world, but I did find big difference between women and man. Nine months pregnancy, hard labor make big difference between woman and man. I wonder what was the reason why women, mothers did not have right to vote before 1920. Seems to me what did happen in past to womens, mothers they did not have right to vote up to 1920. In our 21st century present time happening to our Mother Earth. Our Mother Earth cannot vote for her and her children life health, world healthy life psychology and philosophy please wake up because time passing by faster then world can think. Help world science follow them on one way life road. Because not to far, unhealthy, deadly power leading this world.

Category: Current Writings
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