• Monday, October 17th, 2016

World don’t laugh, and don’t cry. Just think as you never think before. World science and doctors, I remember World War II days, people could not shit because they did not eat for long days and months we were hungry, but today in 21st century days. So much food exist, people eat a lot and too much, and too many people cannot shit. World science doctors and dietician do you know why, people cannot shit? Because people does not eat, God and his nature, pure energy truth. People eat genetically modified lies. Seems to me assholes they are so much smarter then in our 21st century, average human minds. Because assholes cannot shit lies. World we can trust assholes because assholes always did, and always will lead healthy world. Freedom, peace and love, and they cannot shit lies. World science, doctors, and dieticians, follow assholes. Assholes can lead you and help you, help the world. Healthy and peaceful live, and shit. I dedicate my life pscyhology and philosophy to most important life power. World assholes, which cannot shit genetically modified lies. God please help us all in this world. Healthy eat to be able healthy live and healthy truth shit.

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