• Friday, May 18th, 2012

I cannot see any major difference between our technology and Adolf Hitler’s mind. Adolf Hitler fought against the entire world and so is our technology; it’s fighting directly and indirectly against all Nature. Adolf Hitler lost the fight. The immeasurable Nature won. Technology, the immeasurable Nature is definitely winning, and it will win. Technology, if Nature cannot win, then, who will win, the end? Technology, I can promise this beautiful Nature, the beautiful world, that you will be a very well known loser.  However, what can help pure Nature’s energy, and the chopstick, spoon and fork, will be gratefully accepted from you for the new generation to live and share their life with one Nature, as Nature.


All my writing basically revolves around food and life.


From the very first second I was born I was a teacher; I taught my Mother what she couldn’t teach me.


When a child is born it is normal for that child to cry and put his hands in his mouth, asking for food. All my writing is primarily about life and food.


Nostradamus, there isn’t anything that makes me more sad than when I talk to people who don’t know anything about Nature. The truth does exist. You were very close and only a few steps away from it. Nostradamus, I know Nature and human mind “spoke” with you.


God, what do we need to do, because for our hate this earth is too small.


What is the difference between the weather and the politicians? The weather does change.


Could it be that peace hasn’t exploded yet, because some of the bombs haven’t yet exploded?


Wisdom, when I talk to people who speak to me as Nature does, my mind gains very, valuable, important “life’s weight.”


I don’t know what is wrong with me because I love everything that is old, small and what cannot grow too big. I love what can be fixed and what can be helped for tomorrow.


Oh how I would love to see my picture on the last page of The Guinness Book of World Records with Nostradamus sitting on my lap, facing east.


Technology, is there anyone in The Guinness Book of World Records who loves you more than I do? I sure hope, not!


Technology, is it noted anywhere in The Guinness Book of World Records how long this world has lived without you, and how long it will live with you?


It should be noted in The Guinness Book of World Records that there are now five seasons of the year, technology being the fifth additional last season.


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