• Friday, October 28th, 2011

World technology and world political power are married and deeply in love, too much, but in the 21st century for one day and for Mother Nature it will not be enough.
Technology, I would love you if you could make friends with my love, the beautiful Nature, God’s creation.
Nature, Mother earth’s soil, can you tell us humans how and from where healthy, everlasting economy grows?
World’s parents and grandparents, please wake up! Don’t you see that our children and grandchildren speak to us less and less each day. They don’t know that technology is keeping them so busy and wasting their lifetime; it’s destroying their young minds what money cannot possibly buy.
Sex is so beautiful that it can make us so mindless.
What the world doesn’t have and cannot accomplish, the world cannot stop talking about. Number one is healthy food and number two is healthy sex.
World, our life’s intelligence is contained in our minds and what we put in our daily dish.
World War II, Sept. 11 and Osama Bin Laden’s death possess power like an old mulberry tree with strong roots. The tree can be pruned, but the new sprouts will not stop sprouting and growing.
In the year 2008, America didn’t win. America and the world began to suffer and they’re still suffering. In the year 2012, America has to win. If America doesn’t win, the entire world together with America will be a big loser. What and who, will win?
Wisdom, if you’d like to help tomorrow and this world, how long can you remain with one day and one political party?
Our life’s education walked away, too far from Mother earth’s soil and Nature’s roots, and it is at a loss.
Most of the third generation of this world has never tasted the sweetness of the organically grown ripe fruit, right off the tree.
A ripe fruit and a ripe person pretty much “taste” the same.
If you like tomorrow, and if you live in America, always vote and work for America and tomorrow.
Pres. Obama
My life philosophy is that I like to be me, and not to talk about, “Who said it, and what did they say?” I am not so thrilled with Pres. Obama’s life psychology and philosophy but, I open my philosophy’s door for his few words, “Stop drilling.” It doesn’t matter what happens, but it will be better sooner than later.
Technology, you are a great world’s fighter and a very lousy world’s provider.
I need help from the wise, the smart and the dumb. I cannot figure out how our world can be helped before the world’s political power dies.
Everything that remains what Pope John the 2nd “forgot” the world uses, because it is so beautiful and healthy. It’s his great peaceful, life’s education.
In the 21st century this world will change enough for the world’s dormant wisdom seeds to begin to sprout.
There is something very wrong with the world’s politics and some religions’s psychology and philosophy. Political powers cannot stop fighting, and most religions are just calling God, but in the meantime and for too long, deeply wounded God’s creation is suffering and dying. World, what’s going on? God will not help and the devil is very much afraid.
When I think about guns, they are everywhere. I believe this world needs only one gun.
Young world! Share honesty and the world’s ideas, before you share anything else. You will be able to share everything, just like the days share, with every day.
I believe that when we people kill one person, we are actually killing more than one.
Plastic surgeons, I can well remember when 65 years ago, in Europe, stockings were very stylish, as well as very expensive. At the present time I can see a comparison of the stocking of 65 years ago and the face lifts of today.
World wisdom, when bad things happen to us, people, we ask, “Where was God?” However, when something happens to us that pleases us, we rarely ask, “Where is God?”

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