• Friday, March 18th, 2011

A very long time ago, before W. W. I or W. W. II, women drank tea sweetened with honey and Mothers nourished their babies with their breast milk and chamomile tea. That was a long time ago, before the world began to lose its memory. The 21st century’s time is here and the world doesn’t remember the past, cannot think, and cannot tell how the unhealthy life’s political promises can, and will taste. What can be worse? Sour is not sour, and sweet is not sweet. Life cannot teach us and the dead cannot help us as some of the world believes. In the year 2012 on America’s Election Day, Teaparty could help America and the rest of the world to drink tea together, and to grow together the healthy life’s herbs of love and peace. I hope with a very small hope that this world can run away, for some time, from W. W. III. It is very sad that life cannot teach us and the dead cannot help us, so I wonder, why can’t love and peace help us?

In the year 2008, the words, “change America” did wake up some of the world, but it did not and it will not help the world and the future days.

Teaparty is a sweet, healthy philosophical word. To change the world together, let’s drink tea. TEAPARTY, don’t change the big, strong America and the big healthy world. Step in, stay in, don’t step out from life’s round circle of the four seasons of the year, a beautiful God’s creations, a beautiful work of love and peace. If you do this, you will definitely help this world to win. TEAPARTY, you’ll be able to compete with green tea and the very healthy unknown, growing life’s herbs. You’ll be able to fly like a bird with two wings, the left wing and the right wing and one head. Normally, a small hope grows, and it can grow big. Good God, help us to walk away from W. W. III

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