• Friday, February 04th, 2011

In the year 2008, Hillary Clinton cried for America in advance, and Hillary Clinton is the only one who could help Democrats in 2012’s Election day to look good.


Wisdom, I didn’t plant wisdom, I’m just collecting, in the 21st century, some of the dormant wisdom seeds, knowing that some of them will take a long time to sprout, grow, bloom and blossom.


A good wish is, “God be with you” and a good job is, “you stay with God.”


Parents, if you don’t have the time to talk to your children, tell them everything in a few words. Tell them, “Don’t ever walk away. Always stay close to God and His Nature.”


Beautiful silent voices keep my mind occupied and people’s voices, very often, make me lonely.


People are always rushing and discussing what they have done and where they were, and very little is spoken about where they will go, when they finish the job.


What is the difference between planting and praying? There is no difference – you have to wait.


If it doesn’t exist, people wouldn’t talk about it.


WISDOM, an easy life must be an ugly life.


WORLD WISDOM, the black night, so far, hasn’t succeeded to change the white day, and the white day didn’t succeed to change the black night, and that’s the reason why day and night do not fight. They always wish one another a good morning and a good night.


‘ The word NOTHING cannot make me happy, but knowing that light exists, writing in the dark brings me joy.


WISDOM, for young children, too early is, and will be, too late.


Parents, there is no difference between Spring time and young children’s time. Time cannot be speeded up, stopped or added to. Parents, Spring time is asking you, “Follow me and my children. I will help you to walk through the Summer’s door.”


I wonder what will be that God will create, what God has not yet created.


MOTHER EARTH and MOTHERS, I very often hear some people say, “Our Fathers.” I cannot understand the meaning of those words because our Fathers always were and still are, the sons of the Mothers’ world.


TECHNOLOGY, you’re playing a game with Nature. If you can win, the world will not exist.


Technology, you have only one existing predator, technology.


In this world, many dogs bark. China remains quiet.


Some parents must use great psychology, without any philosophy, because some parents always have good children and good dogs.


No matter what you do in your life, don’t rush and don’t lose time.


Everyday’s first life’s step is to take care of your health, because you’re never too young to die.


The only longlasting life’s tools are: healthy thinking, doing and eating.


WORLD WISDOM, there is a small percentage of people in this world who punish their own children, grandchildren and us all.


What this world is missing is the healthy nutrition which would be able to save and prevent human beings from diseases and medicines, the latter which comes without any labels of its contents.


WORLD WISDOM, I followed the wisdom of the world, and found myself living in America.


WORLD WISDOM, America plants wisdom by the hour for the following day.


WORLD, so far, you are the body and America is the heart.


WORLD WISDOM, I wonder why is it that the whole world likes to come and live in America.


WISDOM, if America didn’t exist, how could this world run away from some of the world?


God, we sell our human creations and everything is 100% natural including the lies.


WORLD WISDOM, think about it. What is the difference between the organic sperm and the non organic sperm? What consequences will we face, and are we facing? It worries me.

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