• Monday, October 25th, 2010

It seems to me that the way everything is going in this world, there will be a shortage of shoes. Before the year 2012, Americans, put your right foot in the right shoe and put your left foot in the left shoe, in the early morning, not in the afternoon. Americans, please don’t lose your shoes.


My encyclopedia was born on March 19, 1939. Oh my philosophy, I am very sorry I will not be here and there won’t be an end to the world, but I am afraid you will be lost with this world.


I strongly believe people who respect and love God’s creation could be good friends, good neighbors, no matter how far away they live, and they could live very close to God’s name.


Don’t ever discuss or talk about a “healthy” economy unless you include God and His Nature, because your thoughts will not be blessed or succeed.


What is the difference between planting and praying? There is no difference. You must plant, pray and wait.


Oh my pencil, you are my love. I believe in silence just like you. Don’t ever open your mouth if you’d like to help God’s truth, because this world is still searching for the “hair in the egg.” Pencil, just write; silence is a beautiful existing power behind this world. Tell the world that the future of the 21st century will not depart or run away from the past.

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