• Tuesday, September 14th, 2010


God, I don’t care if I am known to be the worst writer in this world, just please help my wishes to come true before I die. God, you know how much I worry about tomorrow and nothing, and how much I worry about the “non-organically” grown human sperm, and the non-organic human shit. I am sorry world and please forgive my expression, but I hope that you know that only the word SHIT and SHIT are the perfect powers in this world. World, please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean the shit that is a “shitty” process, I mean the biological SHIT which is about one day younger than Adam and Eve. It is a power which was given to every child in this world after his birth to be able to create a perfect power, his own pure shit, a power above all, and all of the fancy words. God, IMPOSSIBLE happened to our innocent children’s healthy lives. Make it possible and help my wishes to come true before I die, so that I can leave this world living and growing with pure organic shit.

I Believe in One Diet

I believe in God and His Nature’s creation. I eat everything and enough. I never think about calories and vitamins because Nature’s diet is a very old diet and everything is already included in the foods that I eat. However, I do think a lot about my next good meal. Between the age of 25 and 72, I have gained and lost a few pounds, but not very often, because I eat everything and a lot, normally enough. I feel  great and for that I thank God and His Nature’s creation of pure power, including on a daily basis, my own power. I am also thankful to God, so far, that the doctors do not need my help. I believe in one diet – NO DIET.


I am pretty much a new and an unknown writer, yet I feel that because of wonderful people like you, who have my name and my work on your web pages, I am able to feel satisfaction and happiness in my mind and heart as I live, unlike some quality writers, who die without seeing their work appreciated by others. Very often, my own written words cause a certain pain to one part of my heart, because I am well aware that God’s truth is difficult to sell. However, in the 21st century you will see and experience that as this world goes further on, my words will get closer. You are beautiful people and you are and always will be included in my prayers. I wish you a beautiful life, as you live it, and most importantly I wish you a healthy death.

Nostradamus did not predict the very worst. Adolf Hitler and technology ARE the worst.


Within this universe there is an existence of two beautiful worlds, the big world and the small world.


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