• Friday, July 23rd, 2010

What would happen to the four seasons of the year and to this world, if for some period of time winter and spring couldn’t meet? That could not happen to the four seasons of the year, but that could happen only to us, humans. Young people, Nature’s balance is lost and Nature is badly wounded, but I am not worrying what tomorrow will bring for me, because my life’s waiting line is not too long. However, I am a human being, a father and a grandfather and I am worrying about every child in this world and those children who are not yet born. I worry a great deal about what tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will bring for all of you, the good, the honest and the young. Beautiful children, if I didn’t love you it would be very simple for me to write something that would please your mind a lot, for a short time, and it would definitely hurt you a lot, not knowing through your lifetime. However, I have something positive and very beautiful to tell you, because I was there and I was young. You are young. You are spring, a very powerful spring. God and His Nature love you. God and His Nature need you and you need God and His Nature just like you need day and night and daily, healthy meals. Love and respect God and His Nature. Only with your love and respect can you heal and save this very beautiful and wounded world. I know you would like to know what tomorrow and the days that follow will bring for you, young. What will be brought is what we parents, grandparents and great grandparents have planted and grown for your future days. I know, it is not always easy to be young, and it will not be easy for me to die with these words: “What we plant, grows and we’re leaving it for you.” However, IT will not last forever and IT will not grow if you don’t help to plant it and grow it, plant and grow it over God and His Nature’s everlasting power. Young, I worry much more about the human sperm and the human mind; I should say inseparable human sperm and human mind, than I worry about the end of the world. Young, this is another good news for you. Time never changes. The sun still rises on time, and the four seasons are revolving without making any lifestyle and diet changes. Young people, you can ask almighty God for more and for less, but if you ask His Nature for more or less, you will not get but you will waste  a lifetime and health. You will not get “fat free” and “skin milk”. You will get what Nature planted, planted once, and it is better than to transplant once or a million times. Yes, I am worrying a lot about tomorrow and for the unhealthy, daily meals, the human sperm and the human mind. Everything grows from the bottom up, and what we put in, we will find it and take it out, and what we plant will grow. Human healthy sperm possesses a power like a blossoming spring. World, just think about it; summer, fall and winter, nine months , are gathering energy, the best meals, to be able to feed spring. I worry about the inseparable power, the human mind and the sperm.

Not too long ago, I remember the days when I was a young boy. People used to sell what they learned, what they knew, and what they had. They didn’t advertise just as the rest of Nature didn’t advertise “fat free,” “skin milk,” and whatever didn’t exist. However, they did plant, grow, share and sell pure, organic-grown food and mind, including the pure organic-grown sperm. But, I also remember the new days, as I sat in my second and third grade classrooms, how, and how quickly the promises of the new days walked away from God and His Nature. They walked away with a big hope and stayed away from God and His Nature’s healthy power and healthy daily meals. It didn’t take too long to walk away from God and His Nature. No one could’ve helped us. No one could’ve given us, and no one could’ve created for us what we created, what we have and what we know. We created it all and we have it all, and no one exists on this planet, our Mother earth, who would share and buy from us. We advertise and sell to each other what we planted and helped to grow. We are selling our pure truth, We are selling our pure minds; we’re selling what we have and what we know. We’re selling far away from God and His Nature’s creation. I wonder whoever hypnotized us, humans, why hasn’t it hypnotized the rest of Nature.

Young people, God and His Nature never has and never will stop loving you. You are young. You are spring. Life’s philosophy hasn’t yet been born that can help this world without you, but honesty, respect and love were born and they’re young; young, your honesty, respect and love is enough and it will be enough to heal and save this beautiful world, a beautiful wounded world. Young children, young people, God loves you and that’s the reason why the sun rises and why this world, we can say, exists. I’m walking on my not – too long life line heading west; I can see the angels coming from the east, just as you and I stepped on this earth’s soil. I feel that I have so much to say to this world, but I don’t know how much time I have left, so I will tell you everything and it will last forever. It’s love, which will live in your young hearts. Love God and respect and love His Nature. No matter where I will go and end, it will not be the end. I will “watch” over you.

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