• Thursday, February 04th, 2010

Soldiers are you aware of who you are fighting and why? Stop fighting and dying for the enemies of this world. Long, bad history repeats and it will repeat, if you, the world’s soldiers, don’t cease to fight, but this battle cannot continue for very long. Soldiers, your enemy doesn’t fight. You are fighting for them, just as my father fought for them in World War 2. He fought far away from the home where he was born. His enemies lived in our town. We called them neighbors. They didn’t fight. They remained at home drinking the best wine, eating warm, good food and sleeping in a warm bed. At that time, I was a young boy; like a little puppy, I smelled their food. I searched for their leftovers and the dry bread crumbs. I lived like a young puppy and my Mother lived like a grownup dog. We were very hungry and we licked our wounds. World War 2 ended. That’s what some people said. NEVER AGAIN! What hasn’t happened is on its way.

My Father did come back from World War 2, but when he returned he was unable to find a job. We didn’t have food, money or clothing. We couldn’t find any help. We were free from everything but not from the flies. Just like the hungry dogs, who lost their home, we licked our wounds. As always, sad new history like the old history, repeats. The enemies lived a very good life and they still do. World’s soldiers, this world is not in your enemies’ hands. This world is in your young soldiers’ hands. If you like, you can live a beautiful, peaceful normal and healthy life, drop your weapons. Stop fighting for your enemies.

Don’t be afraid. Your enemies love to start a fight, but they don’t fight. They are afraid of a fight. They will be very quiet and stay at home. World’s soldiers, God’s soldiers, you definitely possess the power which will not hurt anyone in this world. It’s a power which is, and which will be in power. Tomorrow will come, but soldiers, today, God and the entire world will love you even more.

Good God, please help the hungry puppies and the grown up dogs and all human beings, especially those who are dressed in uniforms and some in civilian clothes. Please help those people who have been tied up throughout the long century and bad history days on their long, invisible leashes. My Father was a soldier and a world hero. His purple heart medal was larger than my young, tender hand. I remember asking my Father, “How many soldiers have you killed?” His warm tears ran down his wrinkled face like overflowed rivers over the dry land and he remained silent. World’s soldiers, I have lived with these words that my Father told me such a very long time ago, “Son, I never killed anyone. I helped everyone.” My father’s medal was not made from iron, diamonds or gold.

My Father’s medal turned out to be a war’s prize, God’s beautiful gift created from love, freedom and peace. My father was known in our small town as a man who served enemies and friends, and who for the very last time, washed and dressed people’s cold bodies. He was someone who prayed for them and completed his job. World’s soldiers, I strongly believe my Father has been paid very well for the job he did so well. However, he had not ever asked his enemies or friends, for their life’s resume, knowing that a good teacher, a good God, will ask it of them all. World’s soldiers, I, too, was a soldier, before many of you were born. I served in a tough Communist army for two years with the same mind and heart that my Father served in World War 2. Don’t kill anyone. Help everyone. I served in an extremely tough army for two years. It was served with the most beautiful feeling I ever had in my life. I helped heal many of the wounded soldiers’ minds and hearts.

I lived and I still do live in your soldiers’ hearts and minds. I know it is not easy when the tough times come to fight and die. It is a very sad, uneducated, unhealthy life psychology and philosophy moment. It is a sad, shameful wish, a life’s revenge power. It’s a power which is not dead yet. It’s a power combined with the smart technology arms. It’s a known and unknown power which will not be able to wash and dress the cold, dead bodies and pray for an enemy or a friend. An unhealthy power if you, the world’s soldiers, fight, will finish his job. The last curses will fall on this beautiful Mother earth’s soil’s face, and they will not evaporate and dry up like the raindrops, or the early mornings’ dew. Good God, please help the young children, the young soldiers and the life on this earth to heal and live.

World’s enemies and friends, I would like to tell you a short story, which you soldiers, with the help of a healthy world’s help, can make into an everlasting beautiful, long life’s story. This story can be continuously repeated by itself, from one day to the next. It was in 1959, when I was a young soldier and I heard the words from a young man, who like I walked through the same army gate. He was not able to serve some of the human power and God’s power. His spoken words were, “You can kill me, but I will not take a gun in my hands.” Good God, you know that today the time is right. The world’s fruit is not green and all of it hasn’t fallen down yet. Tell the world and every single soldier and the soldiers who are carrying small, medium and big stars on their shoulders what the young man who walked in through the army gate said to his enemies and friends, “You can kill me, but I will not kill you.” He did say, “I will not take a gun in my hands.” It’s a wise, simple message without any life’s philosophy and it is the only message that can save you, soldiers, as well as this world.

At that moment, going back to 1959, as I observed the wise, young man’s bruises on his face, heart and mind, I couldn’t help my mind and heart. I lost human sorrow and my life’s value. I reached for my gun, to protect this young man. The young soldier’s and the unknown friend’s hands were quicker than mine. Behind my back, he embraced my body and my hands. The young soldier, the unknown good friend, saved my young soldier’s life. I didn’t kill any enemy or a friend I didn’t know who was tied up on a long, invisible leash. The good God was there and the enemy was sitting at home waiting for a victory, for an innocent young soldier to die, the enemy who was and is responsible for the small and the big wars. They are responsible for the wounded and the dead soldiers who are known and unknown and those whose bodies lie underneath the known and “unknown” cold stones.

Beautiful, innocent soldiers help and reach each other’s minds, hearts and hands before you and your unknown friend, the soldier, dies. God was there. The unknown friend, the soldier, did not just save my life, but I believe that number one and one soldier possess an immeasurable power, like the first raindrop, to help all and to help save this “unknown,” beautiful world.

In 1959, I was twenty years old. It was then that I lost my mind and my good heart as I reached for my gun. I cannot remember the month and day of this occurrence, but what I do remember is the hour and the young man, God’s and world’s hero, and his beautiful mind and heart. I lost my control but not for too long. I remember my words, “My friend’s can we open the gate and send our friend home?” God was there and the world’s enemies were sitting at home enjoying life with their families and their good, warm meals. The young many didn’t walk out of the army gate. I saw and I know that he flew like a dove through the gate with respect, love, freedom and world’s peace. He flew into this beautiful, but a very sad world.

He flew away from a bad known and unknown history’s nest. World’s soldiers, your life, family, friends and the entire world of the 21st century lives in each one of your hands and if you love God and life you cannot ask more of God and life, just drop your guns. World’s soldiers, you are facing the extreme tough times of the 21st century and if you fight, you will not win. You cannot win. You will hold very little in your hands, but not for too long. Number four, the very nasty youngest brother, will be born who will in a short time, do what the three oldest brothers have not done or accomplished through the long, bad history days.

World’s soldiers, you are this world’s honest friends. I, too, was a soldier. You are my good friends. I am begging you, please, don’t fight; please don’t die. There is only one existing truth which will help you and forever live and stay with you. Today, this world still lives in each of your world’s soldiers’ hands. Fly away, fly away with your life’s luck,, like a dove, through the army’s gate with respect, love, freedom and world’s peace from the known and unknown bad, unhealthy history’s nest. World’s soldiers, how safe, blessed and beautiful it is. You don’t have to hurt anyone to be able to help everyone in this world.

Soldiers, just fly away like a dove. You will be able to land and tell the entire world, “This is God and God’s soldiers’ land.” That will be the day when for the entire world, the sun will rise as it did once before. It will be the day when human’s respect, love and peace will once again cover the beautiful, Mother earth’s face. That will be the day and the days when the world’s love and peace will be able to tell the world what you, world’s soldiers, have done that the two lousy older brothers could not and why. That will be the day and the days born, before the two nasty younger brothers will be born.

World’s soldiers, I love all of you. Please come home without the guns.

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