• Friday, September 18th, 2009

Since the past has not surprised me, neither will the future. As I observed the young minds of children, I knew that my hope and my wish would not die. World, I will not be here to see it, but my wish will not die. “IT” is impossible, but not impossible to think about. I’d love to hear Albert Einstein and his friends ask Nostradamus a few of life’s living answers.
Many beautiful flowers exist in this world. Most of the yellow flowers will destroy themselves, by their own power.
21st Century is fertilized enough to enable wheat and very tiny things to grow.
God’s good people, please walk in a round circle. If GOOD cannot catch BAD, GOOD will wait.
I don’t mean you, Nature, I’m directing this statement to us, the people, “The more we learn the more we need and the less we have.”
NATURE, you are beautiful. Throughout the four seasons of the year you always wear the same clothes and the same mind. Please share your secret with our psychologists, how and why you are able to rest and sleep, and how you are able to live a beautiful peaceful life which very much resembles my life’s dream.
Without any money, just with respect and love, this world would be very rich.
Thank God, it is so very healthy and beautiful that “riches” and love cannot be bought.
Today, hold a piece of bread in one of your hands and in the other hand, hold all the money of the world. Tomorrow, the whole world will follow one of your hands, that hand that’s holding the bread. WORLD, we follow money and we will not find bread.
WISDOM, this world is an unusual fruit. Throughout the four seasons of the year, one side is unable to ripen.
This world has so many very good people about whom we are unaware. Only God knows about them and that is enough.
People, who don’t believe in God, but who highly, respect and love Nature, follow the truth, and they are not lost.
Some of us, as well as some of you, should be ashamed, if our past and our present can’t predict the future- what it will bring and what it’ll take.
Some of us work and plant. Some of us worry and think. Some of us sleep and eat and don’t worry what today and tomorrow will bring.
If you cannot make more than one dollar a day, work for a dollar and save a quarter. I’m sure that throughout your life you won’t “make out just good, you’ll make out very good”.
When our many living truths turn into unacceptable lies, mother earth’s soil will be covered with love and peace.
Women of the world, the 21st century is yours. In the past, you and our children have suffered and you “paid for it”. In the 21st century you will continue to suffer and the entire world will pay for it. Beautiful mother earth, and beautiful women, you will meet a beautiful future of love and peace.
Huge mind that’s larger than the mind of the earth’s soil can be counted up to nine digits, and fertilized by a zero, and as many existing zeros that there are. Nothing will happen.

Who put the word “fight” into power? “Stupid” for sure, didn’t. No matter what it is, we are always ready to say, “FIGHT” a little too late. All our enemies, including all diseases, we can fight, directly or indirectly, at the right time, with respect and love. This earth’s soil was created with respect and love, and so was everything that grows and dies.
The world will come very close to its end. Work and the American system, as one, will make the first new step of walking back.
This earth is small. PEOPLE, we are in need of some space. Where are we going to put our problems and our minds?
The perfect time in 2009 is NOW, to tell all strong Americans, Democrats and Republicans, the poor people, and the world’s peace, that 2008’s Election Day, the big life’s wave, will NOT HELP them. Everyday’s life, world’s peace, and the future will tell, if I was wrong.
LIFE EDUCATION, not knowing, and knowing, possess a great life’s balance which SHOULD help our life’s education and the world, but it doesn’t and it won’t.

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