• Saturday, September 13th, 2008

I am extremely afraid that the poor life philosophy on 2008’s election day can make us poor, very poor. Normally, the poor, and the poor life philosophy feed us, the poor, just with a tasty taste, but we need real food for tomorrow. Truth exists that we can make the poor who feed us, just with a tasty taste, rich and very rich. Some of us poor and rich, should know how it is, and how it could be. If we change the rich sea into a shore, the small and the big fish will die; America, just the small and the big fish. As always, America is telling us that we can do better with our minds and our two hands. As I stand on America’s rich and blessed land, it is very difficult for me to say the word, “poor.” I feel a pain in my heart to say these words, because I know what poor is. I was poor and very thin. There was no clothing, no food, no sugar and no soap. There was just pure water and pure tears. I washed my mind and my face, daily. I was poor, but I had a strong mind and two strong working hands. Poor, if we did not have patience, we would not be here,  and neither would you, the rich, but we are all here, the poor and the rich. Let’s pray together for all of us and for the small, as well as the big fish. God, help us to open our eyes just a bit, to see how big, LITTLE is.

God created a man and a woman and put them together. In the year 2008, America put together a man and a woman John McCain and Sarah Palin. This is pure nature’s powerful power, a man and woman, a Mother and a Father. Physically, mathematically, religiously, a very healthy political power, made a turn over the political power and it doesn’t matter how it happened. It fell like the raindrops from the sky – a man and a woman, a Mother and a Father. Oh God, do we believe in you? Too many American children and the children around the world and their Mothers, are all waiting for man’s help and waiting for Father’s support. They are waiting, just like the wilted, thirsty grass waits for the raindrops. God created the water drops and the grass. God created a man and a woman and put them together to stay together. A great American, a great Democrat, a great politician as a politician could be, a woman, a good wife, and a good Mother, Hillary Clinton, faced one man’ power and an overpower.

She lost, just like the children and the many Mothers are waiting for the man’s help and support. She lost just like the blooming spring that’s covered with a heavy frost. Poor and rich, we need the food, not just the taste. Beautiful America, beautiful tender children, beautiful women and Mothers, be patient. God loves you and so does the wise world. A good woman, a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, opened the door for women. Senator John McCain, you must have been blessed twice. A wise man, John McCain, let a woman walk through his door in America. America’s poor and rich, this is the best step, from the very best that America and the world has ever made! It’s a great team, just like a good, healthy marriage. America was, and is, the Mother of the world. God, the truth is that the world’s and America’s children need not only a Mother, but a Mother and a Father. The first three seconds of my impression of someone are valued much more than the additional three hours. I love my life’s philosophy and I wouldn’t change it for the whole wide world, because the world must, and it will, change, but my life’s philosophy will not. I don’t know what some of you, Americans, are looking at, and, if you can see, but I would like to tell you what I am looking at, and what I am able to see. I see a beautiful America, the Mother of the world, walking through America and through a new world’s door, but not alone. How beautiful it is, and it could be, to show the world, a great example, of an American Mother and a Father, standing on a high pedestal. I think that America’s philosophy would be very beautiful and healthy, if everything that breathes and grows would be able to say, “Our great Fathers AND Mothers.” The day and everything God created, will come!

            Just like spring, one beautiful life’s power, exists. Have we forgotten the times when we were children, how we always called out, “Mom and Dad”? I did not forget. I would like to see a great balance, a man and a woman, sitting in the highest position of our great country; a Mother and a Father!

            John McCain and Sarah Palin are a powerful, wise team. They believe in themselves, what they are, and who they are. They are both workaholics who possess simplicity and honesty which will enable them to enrich every single heart and life of an American, be it a poor one, or a rich one, a simple one or a sophisticated one, a Democrat or a Republican. John McCain possesses a power which cannot be sped up, or grow fast, and that is, physically, mathematically, religiously and politically his long life’s experience. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am simply a human being, and a life’s helper. Life, go for it  – John McCain is a huge life’s helper. God, you, women, Mothers and children are always in my dream. If man cannot help women, man and the world will not be helped. Women will help the sky, the earth’s soil, love and the world’s peace. LIFE, not because Mrs. Clinton was a Democrat, but because she was a woman, I knew my vote would not have been wasted. I trust America and Mr. McCain. He reminds me a great deal of the good former president, Mr. Reagan, and Sarah Palin reminds me of my good Mother, a simple, but a wise woman. She was a woman who achieved monumental tasks. She worked daily on our family’s farm, fed many hungry mouths with homemade meals, scrubbed floors, handwashed the dishes and the clothes, hand-made all of our clothes and shoes, and finally, as she ironed her clothes, she prayed to God. There is one thing I cannot remember about my Mother. I never saw her close her eyes to rest. I remember her words, “Don’t worry about me. I can do it!” My Mother certainly did do it. She was not too busy to run a “tight ship,” and at the same time she raised two hard working respectable, self sufficient children.

            We don’t all have the same body, mind and power, but our minds could be very powerful and quick of, the quickest speed that God and a human being could create. My first “three second impression” of anything or anyone, have never lied to me. Sarah Palin has ONE beautiful face and ONE mind, a mind which can definitely speed up. How beautiful it is that John McCain already MADE without THE CHANGE. However, the truth exists, that the world and American must MAKE for everyone in this world to see, and taste, the big change, the world’s freedom and peace. American people, we should be proud of our leaders, the senators, who fight for us between the two powers- good God’s powers and demon powers, knowing that in ever harvest there are a few bad seeds, just as there are among us, the rest of the people. That in which you and I believe, time will be a witness to us and God.

            I strongly believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin will leave behind their hard working days, a beautiful history for America and the world.

            POOR and RICH, no matter what happens, my vote will not be wasted and my life’s philosophy will not dry up. I only wish that my life’s philosophy could be understood better than, at our present time, our daily meal. POOR and RICH, I will continue to write, to stay with you, and help feed the life’s essential balance and the earthsoil’s worms, until the very last minute I could. POOR and RICH, I know life and God loves all of us. Be very patient. Don’t hurt, or harm, yourself and America. America is beautiful and good. The days will come, love and peace will come, when not only America, the Mother, but Father AND Mother, will help America and the world.

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