• Friday, April 18th, 2008


A woman and the earth’s soil are the heart of the future. Earth’s soil and women, don’t you ever step down! What was, and what is wrong with our Mothers, our life’s heroes, and the earth’s soil? Earth’s soil is a woman and a Mother, a Mother of the world. So is a woman; she’s the Mother of the world. The earth’s soil deeply suffers, so do women, children and men. The whole wide world is deeply wounded. This world needs Mother’s and Father’s help! Woman, Mother, Earth’s Soil, and women and Mothers, don’t you ever step down! The heart of the future, this world, WILL DIE, God’s child will die.


This world is a God’s child. The sun, the moon, night and day, all of the planets we call stars, all planets, brothers and sisters will cry if God’s child dies. Good God, it will not happen! Good women and men, Mothers and Fathers, will help the earth’s soil without the big money. The day will come, and sooner is better than later, when good people will help the world, help, the beautiful God’s child not to die.


Good days will come and it doesn’t matter what happens, the earth’s soil and women WILL GAIN strength and power. Life’s power will be able to support life and every child to be born. From east and the Middle east, to the west, and from south to north, peace will cross over the unhappy roads. Peace will cross, but not before, before the earth’s soil and women are nourished with God’s truth. Innocent children will suffer. In the Middle east peace will not be found. The war will not stop. Wars will begin, worldwide. Two big powers will fight against one. The sky will suffer and turn into bloody rivers. A very unhappy, dirty devil will suffer and search for the dry bread crumbs. New century’s time will cry for a long time, but no matter what, good days will come. Why not sooner?


America, no matter how I think and how I look at it, something is in my eye. My philosophy cannot pass by without saying, “Hello America!” When I play like a child with water, mud and the top layer of the earth’s soil, I can feel and touch the tip of the life’s roots. America, you did take a first long, a little too long, life’s step. Now, please take, take the last step. The last one, will be America’s first blessed step. No matter how “small,” small is, it will grow. It is God’s power, through his Nature’s power, that enables small to grow. And whatever it is, what could be left behind the “big”? It is the words, “How big it was!” It is very big, and it’s time for America and the world, to share it. And no matter how sweet or sour it is, it is time to share and, it is not too early! It will be as blessed, as blessed could be.


Beautiful America, no matter how I turn it around, black, white, yellow and red, ARE BEAUTIFUL. America, you helped me a lot and I cannot repay you. I love you! I’d like to take you, America, to where, some of us, worldwide, have never been. I’d like to take you to where peace and love can bloom and blossom. America, please take the last step. It will be the first, the first, America’s world step. I could never repay my Mother and I cannot ever repay you, but from my mind, and the bottom of my heart, I’d love to introduce to the bottom and the top life’s philosophy, the highest philosophy which healthy life did and could create, a beautiful American woman, a wife and a Mother, Hillary Clinton. I’d also love to introduce Hillary Clinton, to God’s child, our beautiful world. America and the world, if you can say more, all lives and I would be able to say less! I love you world and I am leaving you without an end. I do believe in God and I cannot say what could not be the impossible truth!

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