• Thursday, March 20th, 2008

A Woman, Hillary Clinton, Possesses the Power to Stay Behind the Daylight Power


                What can a day be without a night, and what can a night be without the day? A dark night! How closely and beautifully someone has created the spaces which exist between nature’s life’s puzzles, and between the night and the day, a woman and a man! The same power that exists between the night and the day exists between the woman and the man. The day possesses the power like a man, the night possesses the power like a woman. The beautiful, powerful night’s power, behind daylight power, is revolving the world around. The quiet night is covered with the dew and with the many streams, creeks and rivers, waiting for the daypower’s warm touches_ of love. It’s waiting not for more, and not for less. It is waiting just for the day’s power. So is a woman, waiting, the same as the night, with the streams, creeks and rivers, her warm blood vessels overflowed; her lips, eyes, heart and mind are covered with the warm dew, waiting for manpower’s love. She’s waiting, not for more and not for less, just for manpower, but not for the one which will conceal her own power. From the time the sun sets and until the time it rises, night after night, if the night is unable to heal its own wounds and the day’s wounds, nature will not be able to rest and sleep. Good God, help America on election day, to find and reach the truth and peace. You will help the world. God, we have created more sleeping pills and all kinds of pills, than you have created seeds, and with all of these pills, we are unable to rest and sleep. Why? And, we need more pills, and we are looking for more power and over power. How far and how close are we? America and the world, we are very far, and we are very close. With our newly-made history, we are reaching the highest peak a human can reach. But, what is good about our colors, religions, our children and God’s truth is that from sunset to sunrise, every hour and even at three o’clock in the morning, night, and the woman’s power behind the daylight’s power, is still in power and it is turning this world around. If we would like to, we can criticize God, but we cannot criticize His NATURE. 21st century’s mother nature’s power combined with woman’s power, will reach history at history’s highest peak.

                America and the world, it is too soon and too early that we walked away from healthy nature’s power, with some of our LIFE’s studying and education’s power, a power which cannot ripen. In the 21st century, people on this earth live an unhappy life, a life which lacks trust. Some are very confused and some are lost.

                As I stare at our world’s puzzle and as I continue to observe America’s Primary day, in the same way that I observe the early morning’s sky, I find that there is one difference. Our old clouds do not move. We are asking very little of our leaders and they cannot offer us more. Because we are asking them very little, and we cannot ask for more, we are insulting the earth’s soil, the sun, the moon the sky, freedom and the health of our entire nature. We are asking for a better life, daily food, but we do not ask and cannot ask for the 21st century’s daily menu. Yes, we are insulting and reaching the highest peak in history that a human being can reach. With our power, processes, and lies, we are reaching over nature’s power, God’s power. Our lies turn and they are still turning into everyday’s very painful life’s truths, and we require more power to stay in power and over power. Time and power are here, the power which is willing to cut a child in half, in order to stay in power and over the power. God, can you help us? This earth’s soil is beautiful and rich and there is enough room for peace, respect and love to live. We live in very predictable days. We are far and we are close. Fathers, manpower around the world, nature, our beautiful women, and tender, beautiful, innocent children are all begging and asking us, just like the sea waves, to reach the shore.

                Dad, I still love you, but I could never trust your power which excelled the power. May God rest your soul in peace. In 1943, my father left me as I stood crying on our doorstep hungry, scared and cold. He was a man, and he went to fight other men, like a man. He went to fight a man’s fight, Adolf Hitler’s war, and fight an unknown man, a brother who left someone behind the same way he left me-scared, hungry and cold. My Mother told my Father before he stepped with his foot out of our doorstep, “Vincent, fighting never was, and never will be blessed.” I remember these words as my Mother said them to my Father. God, and many of us know that she was right. World War II’s ashes are still warm. My Father left me and my Mother in two cold, empty rooms. My Mother couldn’t pay her rent and daily, she was grateful for having our good friend, Pete, who never charged her any rent. When we did have food, we always knocked on the wall located behind our headboard, so that we could share a very small, but a very sweet meal with our good friend, Pete. For many long years, ever since my young childhood days, I cut his hair, made him laugh and sometimes I made him very mad. My love for my good friend, Pere Radic, will never die.

                My Mother worked on our small farm planting and growing vegetables and fruit trees. She fed all our livestock and very often got down on her knees to scrub our yellow pine floors. She baked her own bread, repaired my old wornout shoes, and mended my old clothes. Through many long days and years, she held me on her warm lap, combed my hair and nourished my tender heart and mind. Fathers of the world, God would punish me if I didn’t tell this world the truth. A woman, my Mother, did everything for me without “fighting,” what my Father could not. Why couldn’t he? She was a woman, and she did possess the power, the same as the nightpower, behind the daylight power, but not “over” the daylight power. All of her “fights” turned into patience, painful pain and warm tears. She converted fighting into a-two way road, an unpaved, blessed, two way road.

                Fathers of this world, I don’t believe a genius was born but, I do believe a genius dies. My Mother died a genius. She created, with God’s help and her patience, a beautiful healthy life. How beautiful it is, only life knows. She died as  God’s and  world’s life hero. A CROATIAN woman, Marija Fanuka was the world’s life’s hero.

                Fathers, how beautiful this world could be, and how we could all die geniuses and life’s heroes! Nothing is more important, or beautiful in this life, than a healthy life and our wives, children and grandchildren, whom we call our family.

                My love, my beautiful Nature, every single word you spoke to me is the truth and it will be the truth. Night is a very beautiful and a powerful name to give to a little girl, and Day to a boy. In the 21st century, it will be a very popular and a blessed name. Fathers, THAT which we must, fathers will! Help the night and the day, but not like this. Throughout my whole life, and for close to seven decades, I have lived in fear. It was only for nine months that I lived in peace. A mother’s power, a woman’s power, hid me behind the daylights power, from one sunrise to the next sunrise, every single hour. For the past seven decades of my life, the killing around this world has not stopped. It doesn’t matter who was killed or where; the spider’s web hasn’t yet stopped trembling. A human being, God’s child, was killed, for no reason. During my lifetime, I witnessed how during W. W. II man began fighting one man’s fight, and with shame, he walked away. Truth suffered and it’s still suffering. Man did not have enough power. We need more power, and we accept the woman to help us fight. It’s the biggest truth there can be, that the truth is suffering, and we don’t have enough power to fight. Today, young children are fighting in a war, on our streets, in our schools and they are fighting us, parents, in too many of our homes. The whole wide world’s truth is suffering. Only for nine months did I live in peace, hiding behind the daylight’s power, in a power.

                When I was twelve years old, I remember how I observed the lives of many people and the rise of a new city. The lonely farms began to cry. It was a big revolution. I told myself right there and then, “Goodbye freedom and health!”

                When in 1962 I landed on the beautiful American soil, I once again said to myself,  “Goodbye my love, my beautiful nature, the beautiful health.” In a relatively short time since 1962, the year 2008 arrived, and the world is looking at what it cannot see. We are looking for health and freedom and we are searching to buy organically grown foods. We don’t know what to ask our leaders, and we don’t know what we are purchasing in our stores, but what is good is that night and day are married forever and they are helping all of us. Hillary and Bill Clinton are also married. God help them to forever remain together, and I strongly believe just like the night’s and the day’s power, they will help all of us. America, you are beautiful. Stay beautiful. Don’t rush. The patient ones, are, and always will be, blessed. It is a dark night , as dark as the day could turn out to be. The patient are blessed. America, you are my beautiful second mother, and like every other American, I’d like to give you, and the world, my help on election day 2008, but I don’t have much to tell you about myself. I stepped over my grammar school’s doorsteps, but not exactly every single day. I am a human being, a farmer, a cabinet maker, and I love to write. When I am writing, I am leaning on my love’s shoulders, Nature’s shoulder, and God’s name, the power above all.

                America and the world, I am so happy to be able to endorse my love, Nature and God’s name, before 2008’s election day. This is my life’s philosophy and a power between the night’s and the day’s power. This world has changed, and it will change, but the power between the night and the day will not. America , the big Mother of the world, a wife and a mother, a woman’s power, Hillary Clinton’s power, is waiting behind the daylight power and she’s ready to help America and the world. Those who are asking for more, God help all of us, that they don’t succeed helping us with less. My seven decades have taken seven extremely long steps , steps which must be, and will be, healed. Power, an invisible power, for the bare human eyes, combined with woman’s power, will save the world. Lives, “the forever, I love you lives,” please call me and don’t forget to call me a farmer, and a grandpa, and you beautiful children don’t walk away! Walk closer and closer to nature and God’s name.

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