• Friday, January 25th, 2008


She Can Fly Like an Eagle and

Land Like a Dove

Mother Nature is making a turn and the good thing about it is that the four seasons of the year, the earth’s soil, and women, have not yet stopped leading this world. America, 2008’s election day will not only be our election, but it will also be the world’s election for future days. I am looking at our world as it is and I see it as one beautiful flower underneath the sky. It’s a flower composed of many shades of different colors. I see America as a point, a dot, that is the center of this flower’s heart. As I look ahead to the 2008 election, I am unable to walk away from one simple word, HEALTH, because IT is the power between life and death. Election day doesn’t make me worry about death, but it does worry me very much about health.

I have lived through so many election days and big promises. These tremendous promises never took into consideration God, the rest of His Nature, and good, honest work. They were the promises that made me leave my comforting, simple home on the island of KRK in Croatia, where I was born. These sweet, big promises made too many of us leave our homes. God knew how fortunate we were, and, WE WERE fortunate. The “big promises” never succeeded to keep us from work. They were the promises that were so far removed from God’s name, Mother Nature’s power and, good honest work. These same promises turned into a power which has made, and could make, the rich and the poor extremely poor. It was, and still is, a power with one end, a short end.

A few weeks ago, at midnight, the year 2008 met the old year 2007, and they shook hands, the same way a warm spring shakes the hand with the cold winter, saying, “I have no time to waste. I must go to work.” The dark night soon turned into daylight, and so did Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s words. They, too, rose, just at the right time. They were powerful words whose widespread roots touched my heart.

These same type of words caused me to wake up so many times, before the sun rose, when I was just a young boy. I heard the words, “Son, I know you love to sleep, but we must go to work.” May God rest my good Mother’s soul in peace! She was the woman whose voice I heard, and until her dying day I can honestly tell you, she never stopped loving her America and the world. I am my Mother’s son! Mrs. Clinton’s words must have touched and moved my Mother’s grave the same way my Mother, many years ago, touched and shook my old, rickety bed as she repeated her words, “Son, we must go to work.” America, we need to go to work and so do you, world! Both of us, must work together.

I have a vision. I see our world as it is. I see it as a beautiful flower and there are only three words which can help it to remain green and to bloom and blossom. These words are: God, Nature and good, honest work. World, let’s face the rest of the Nature’s truth. We are moving further away from God’s name, the rest of Nature, and good, honest work, not with our new discoveries, but with our new studies and our processes. We are continuously moving on and destroying our own pollination, the one spider’s web __ our world. No matter what we face, or whether we are ready or not, we are facing the power of pure Nature. On 2008’s election day, no matter what we, Americans, wear, a skirt or pants, if we wish to be free, we cannot walk away from God’s name, pure Mother Nature’s power and good, honest work __ our best friend. I cannot tell, and I don’t believe there is anyone who has yet been born, who can tell us, more or less than what the raindrops are telling our world, every time they fall. How intelligent, brilliant, healthy and beautiful it is that we, Americans, as well as the world, are facing America’s election day, and there’s no one in their right mind who can yet criticize God’s name, the rest of Nature, and good, honest work. People, do we all know what we should know, and what we should learn? I ask myself and I ask you, “What is the difference between the power of God, His Nature’s power and good, honest work? I believe God always has the power to say, “I” and so does good, honest work. It possesses the power to say, “I.” We, Nature, possess the power, “We” and only, we, Americans, and we, the world, can send, and bring our world’s soldiers home, and have one world’s beneficial side effect.

Colorful and beautiful world, we, WE, have the power to restore the two bottom world’s life’s steps_ HEALTH and FREEDOM, freedom and health, the life’s peace on this earth. Everything else, even our economy, no matter what it is, must be healthy and good, and it must fall in, just like real love and the pure raindrops. I can almost hear the echoes between the tall mountains saying, “We, We can do it, but not without God, the rest of His Nature’s power, and our good, honest work __ who is our best friend, our best teacher healer and leader, the world’s leader.” Our honest friend, WORK, is always ready to help us all. What is so good about honest work for our world is that it is never too early, or too late to WORK.

On 2008’s election day, no matter what we Americans wear-, skirt or pants, we will not walk away from Nature’s pure power, the earth’s soil, and the four seasons of the year.

I asked myself so many times, “What is the difference between our man’s power and woman’s power?” I came to a conclusion that the answer is NINE MONTHS. Just as the woman’s gestation period is nine months, the earth’s soil also carries and delivers its birth, but physically and mathematically, nine months couldn’t succeed without the other three months of the year. A woman cannot succeed in this matter, without a man. Isn’t Nature beautiful? It is all in one – a very close knit family and successful at its parenting.

Similarly to the four seasons of the year, and the earth’s soil, women have not yet stopped to lead this world. America, I believe and know, that it will not be easy, but we must go to work and “wash” our world. I wonder, if there must be a reason in life why the old year doesn’t ever criticize the new spring.

In my vision, I view a very strong woman, a wife, and a Mother who just like an eagle has powerful eyes. I have a strong belief that she could fly high above the other birds, the tall mountains, the long, wide rivers, and over the deep seas, and land as a dove, with love and peace, continuously search for love and peace. I also strongly believe that we have a great need for God’s name, His Nature’s power and the truth. We can succeed to respect and love one another and live in peace, but by hating one another we cannot succeed and save numbers of numerous lives on this earth. I am looking at the happy days, and the days WILL come. The four seasons, the earth’s soil, and women will lead what hate has not led, and will not lead. The election day of 2008 must, and will, leave behind the new roots of history that are thin as the strands of human hair.

I hope and do pray to God that America and the world, especially the young, innocent people and the children’s wishes, will slowly begin to grow. It might not be easy to aid the world, but God and the rest of His Nature have never said, “It cannot be done.” I ask you, America and the world, can we accomplish our task by using love? I believe we can, simply with love, for our love __ our innocent children, and their children’s future days. God, I am asking you for your help. Please, help our America on 2008’s election day. I know, God, that by helping America, you will help the entire world, and for that you have my full gratitude.

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