• Thursday, January 03rd, 2008

I dedicate this to
Autism Awareness Day
The Power Over the Devil and Manpower
Flies and Walks


Nature, God’s creation, has the power to save the world. It flies and walks directly, and mostly indirectly, over manpower, health and freedom, freedom and health. It walks and flies, but never too far! I wonder if Albert Einstein was ever bitten by the flies. My guess is, probably not, because flies did not wake up this world yet. Nothing is perfect in this world, but insects and flies, fly, land and walk at a perfect time, mostly in the spring and on hot summer days. World, wake up because there are so many life’s reasons! Don’t you feel and see that the 21st century’s big muscles are turning into fat! We made a wrong life’s turn! In our lifetime, the live numbers, one and one, physically and mathematically must be more than two, but they are not. In too many ways they are less, and if we don’t stop destroying nature’s balance, it will not take too many decades before our numbers get very small. World, wake up, and don’t harm anything that flies and walks. Just follow the path of the insects and the flies. They have no secrets to hide. They will be able to open the doors for this world, its nature, freedom and health. Help us to step over our high door life’s steps. Their sensitive noses will be able to discover the old truth for the new world and the future days, the truth where they will not land and walk, and the reasons why. The truth will be there, where they will not walk and land. God, if I am wrong, please tell the world WHO is right! I searched for what I could not find. I discovered only Nature’s truth. God created a huge dish for his Nature and everything is in it that Nature, freedom and health require. It’s a dish which doesn’t need our spices that destroy nature’s balance, as well as ours, and the rest of nature’s freedom and health. The truth will be there, where they will not walk and land, the truth which can change our thoughts and replace toxins and pesticides. Help us to build a life’s economy which is Nature, freedom and health. Save us a tremendous amount of money, and help us make a lot of blessed money. There is not much to say about the devil. The devil is not interested in dead bodies. The devil is happy and he laughs when God’s creation, and particularly, the people, suffer, but he’s never happy nor does he live in peace. Why? A small army, tiny nature, which we, directly and indirectly, succeed to destroy, possesses the power, in the same way as the four seasons of the year. One and one must be more, and not less. Our life’s philosophy and life’s education are withering away and dying with less and less. We don’ t have the breast to feed Nature, and we don’t have the power to lead Nature, but, we, people, possess a great power to help ourselves , and that is our only one life’s turn, and it should be a quick, sharp, life’s turn; – stop destroying Nature’s balance, a beautiful God’s creation.

If I had the power, at our present time, regarding how we live underneath this sun and the sky, the power to take life’s puzzle apart and put it together again, I would ask and trust Albert Einstein’s help, but beautiful people around the world, good God is still with us. We must pray and ask God to help us save this world one more time.

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