• Friday, May 25th, 2007


Walking behind ALL
People, please don’t rush
Flying above the birds
Flying above the sky
The drops, the sun the moon the stars
Life’s drops are all mine.


Walking behind ALL
People, don’t be afraid
One drop, the earth’s soil holding in my hand
The soil is not dry
The sun is powerful and warm, as the child’s eyes
Without the moon, what the world can see will dry
Life’s drops are all mine.


Walking behind the Time, the line is long
How can the earth’s soil be dry
When women and children cry
Tear drops are falling down
And they all fall into one drop
The sun, the moon, and the stars
The life’s drops – are all mine.


Walking behind a long line
People, why are you walking away from your home
Please, don’t rush
Those walking sad and in fear
And walking last on line
They will be served first
One drop
The world is mine.

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    Very nice post, and whole blog is inspiring.

    I have linked your one of the posts at my blog. Please check it with the heading”Food for thought-seeds of wisdom”

    I hope you don’t mind it. As I think that we should spead wise/good words and smiles all over the world.

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