• Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

There is only one Mother Nature and it is ONLY her breast which was created for the sole purpose of nourishing nature. It was, and it is, large enough to feed an unestimated number of people, but not our words. Anything else that can fall above and beyond Mother Nature’s power and Mother’s power, will be, and always is, a surprise and truth, which will not satisfy, or fulfill, Nature’s requirements.

When Berlin wall was torn down, I would say, it was a beautiful dream. Someone else said, “This is nothing yet.” The wall was taken down, yet, a high wall exists between us, people, and there’s a deep gap between us and nature. Nature has been telling us for too long, “If I cannot give you, I will take from you.”

It was on Sept. 28th of 2006 when I found myself, once again, working in my garden, that I heard news on the radio how spinach had to be removed from the store’s shelves and that fifty people were hospitalized and one died. This was a deep, unpleasant news and truth. One more new step was built. My fear was, and is, that we will step over this significant revelation and, before too long, forget about it. We should not, and must not forget. Spinach was removed from the shelves only by its given name –spinach- but its surname is unknown. I continued to work around in my garden where various vegetables, including spinach, live and grow. I took a closer look at my spinach leaves and, as always, I found that there is more than one life living in my garden. I asked myself, “Should I be ashamed to tell the truth, or should I be deeply embarrassed and ashamed NOT to tell the truth?” I continued to pull out the weeds in my garden and I spotted some snails, caterpillars and ladybugs. A few days ago it rained and I could see and feel that the worms, too, were having a real feast. As I continued to move from one plant to another, and as I examined their leaves, I was deeply concerned and burdened by the thought, “What’s happening to you, beautiful nature, and to your roots, lungs and face?” On the other hand, as I looked at MY garden, I was one hundred percent sure that I could continue to feed my family with MY spinach and all of MY other vegetables which I have been cultivating over the years with nature’s power_horse, chicken and sheep manure. I have never used any makeup for my vegetables’ dark green faces. I guess, I will forever be indebted to my good farmer, my Father, who struggled a major part of his life to grow all organic vegetables to feed our family.

I know, God knows, and many people know, that nature speaks to us and we must be its advocates. Ladybugs, caterpillars and all other insects, who live in my garden, are begging me, “Please write and inform the world how happy we are to live in your safe and free garden where we are protected from the world’s terrorists who destroy some of our many friends, nature’s balance, and who cannot stop destroying, not only our species, but human health and freedom, as well.”

It is a bad dream I say, but I also agree that, “This is nothing yet!” We are here solely to help nature and nourish it, only with our love and respect, and, in return, nature must, and will, nourish us. This is a very simple and beautiful coexistence. If it isn’t beautiful, then please tell me, what else could it be? I believe that some of us people do not take the time to stop and think about the simple, yet very significant reason, why the worms and the earth’s soil is so vital to our life. I find this fact to be extremely sad, especially for the young minds of today and tomorrow. It is the worms who are able to taste the sweetness of the earth’s soil, and to tell the truth how sweet the soil is, and IF the soil is sweet, you can be sure that you will find them there, but they cannot tell us how sour our soil is, because they are not there. They DIE before they are able to tell us how sour it is. THEY SIMPLY DIE. God let me be wrong! If I am wrong, I am wrong! Where there are no worms, there is a dead road, and it is the same where there is no love. There aren’t too many worms left, and I find it unfortunate that we haven’t, up to this point, learned very much from their existence. Worms look from two directions and they, therefore, can learn from two different ends. It seems to me that some of us failed to learn from either direction, or either end, and I believe this in itself, is one of the worst things that could’ve happened to us, as living human beings. Our soil needs these worms to be able to prove to nature and to tell nature, “YOU ARE FREE TO LIVE HERE but, NOT FREE FROM FREEDOM.”

If I were to compile the statistics of those of us who live unbound by nature’s laws, I am certain that they would be high. This is something of a great concern and worry for me, and it should be for you, as well. If NATURE cannot give us, NATURE will definitely TAKE from each one of US. It was very early in my life when I came to a realization that there is basically no difference between nature and a good friend, and the potent earth’s soil and a woman. Both, a woman and soil, require time, at its proper time, healthy food, truth, love and respect. It may not be much, but without it, women, children who were born and those who are still unborn, and the soil, will be the first ones to suffer, and they do suffer. The freedom and health of our entire nature will continue to suffer. Nature’s power will have the same consequence on us and our freedom, that a dark shadow has on the sun’s powerful rays. Man will lose the power over his own family, and freedom will remain hidden underneath the dark shadows.

Although the chances of it occurring are rare, it could happen that when the parents of a young bird cannot properly coordinate their young one’s feeding schedule, in their nest, the same question will always arise, “What is going to happen to the baby birds and to the mother’s life?” May God help us! Well, we are still here and I believe too many of us are tasting what many worms are unable to taste. So far, we have basically identified illnesses by their names such as autism, bird flu, cancer, alzheimers etc., and I do strongly believe that man has a good lead for a successful cure. However, I also hope and pray that this world will stop and rethink what it is that will help build our economy stronger and healthier. Our LIFE’S EDUCATION cannot only help us, but we can help promote and sustain nature’s good health. It will THEN, be possible to find, to have, and to help our own health and to find all possible cures, but not before. We must not only touch upon the surface of the “given name,” but we need to dig to the bottom of the roots. Truth always was, and still is, lying there for us to find.

I have memories of the days when I was a young boy growing up. I always searched and looked for clues of life inbetween the two ends. There was nothing that could have hurt me, or made me cry except for some human beings whose minds were weak and others, whose minds were vicious. In both circumstances, an unfortunate, and in my mind, an unnecessary chain of events began to change many lives, including my own. However, I still searched for my first and last name of all things in life, and I always found myself looking inbetween the two ends. That’s when I found my full title of life. I found it existing between the earth’s soil and the sky. My own self-realization, at an early age, has enabled me to grow up a content man, who never walks far from nature and God’s name. World, we must STOP what we are doing to nature, so that we can help nature, who in turn will help us. The existing space between us and nature, God’s creation, is too wide and too deep. Do we enjoy walking free from freedom? God, help us, and help us, so that we can help our minds!

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