• Tuesday, May 02nd, 2006

A child is unable to tell,
What the old is able to forget.
It is sweet!
Thousands of years ago,
Like yesterday,
And like today,
It is still a sweet taste.
Why has God created soil with rocks,
And meat with bones?
It’s a taste which can be tasted,
For tomorrow, today.
What’s the same between rich and poor?
What is between two rocks,
And between the two bones?
Between the two rocks,
The soil is rich and sweet.
Between the two bones,
Meat is so tasty and sweet,
And it is a taste,
Which can make the rich beg,
Like the poor,
Beg like the poor,
With the same hope and an identical yearning.
It is a taste,
Which helps to turn the world around,
And the flowers to blossom and bloom.
You my love, TO MAKE SURE,
Pray for my soul.
If I could find,
I’d be able to leave,
One answer here,
The answer that the world,
Has not yet found.
My dear love,
It is the one,
I was unable to tell you.
A child is unable to tell,
What the old is able to forget!
And, pray for yourself, as well.

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