• Thursday, February 02nd, 2006

The four letters of the word LIFE, are covering our earth like a transparent blanket. As I continuously observe life, I am wondering, “IF Nature, God’s creation, is unable to help me write about the healthy human life, then who is able to, and how?” A healthy human life is not, and should not be, any different than the four, beautiful seasons of the year; the seasons which are like brothers, sisters, and friends who help one another daily, monthly and year after year. A healthy life doesn’t require any more or less than to give and to take. First, you must give, then, you can take. You and I must accept love in order to give love. Life is love, love is life. Without Nature’s help, our lips would dry up, like love without the tears. Life is beautiful. How beautiful it would be, if each one of us would be able to say, “This is mine. This is my love, my family, my child, my friend and at the happiest moment, to be able to say, “My God,” and, “Beautiful Nature, my best friend.” It is life’s law that you cannot ask for, what you did not give. It is not yours and, therefore, you cannot have it. Taking, and not giving, can turn our own life and the life of others, into a cold jail cell, – life’s jail cell. Life is love and it’s the only spring which can nourish our healthy, beautiful life. It can turn it around in the same way in which the four seasons of the year are turning. Although nature’s balance of the four seasons has been and is still badly wounded, the seasons continue to fulfill their proper functions. However, human life might not continue, and that could be a major unhealthy, difference between us, people, and the four seasons of the year. Too many of us continuously live with some kind of a dream and a hope, searching and asking for what Nature simply cannot give us, and what it doesn’t have, because we didn’t give Her or help her. Mother Nature cannot give us a big piece of love, because we failed to give that love to her. God, I can hear the rest of the wounded Nature as it is whispering and saying, “What are these people looking for?” LIFE, four letters within the one word, is covering this earth. Innumerable studies and written words, which we daily find and use, exist. From all of these words I find that there are only six which our healthy life requires on a daily basis. These are the words, TRUTH, HEALTH, SHARING and LEARNING. These four words are just like the one healthy body which must also have legs and arms. These legs and arms can be found in the words, THINK and WORK. These six essential words have the power to grind up so many life’s studies and some written and spoken words that are used daily, will also be ground into dust by these six words which can then feed the waves of the deep blue sea. I’m sorry, that I forgot to make mention of the fish. Should I first say the big fish and, then, the small fish? It doesn’t really matter. This dust is bad for all of them. There is no space on this soil for this useless dust. Healthy life is love, and it doesn’t matter how long it lasts. It is as beautiful as the time one spends being in true love. Our life is made up of tiny, small pieces. These are pieces of various size, form, shape, color and sweetness. It is a life which offers us daily, more for less. Isn’t it beautiful that for less we can have more? Healthy life is also trying to tell us that possessing too much is less and worse, than if we had nothing. Yes, our life is composed of tiny pieces, like true love. They are pieces of different size, shape, color and sweetness. They are the pieces which must be tasted before any one of us could express not to others, but to ourselves, to our own bodies and minds, how sour and sweet our own life is. I cannot tell you how sweet it is, but I am only able to tell you that it is beautiful and sweet.
When I was a young boy, I remember that there were some years of my life when I walked barefoot and when I was cold and hungry. I called myself poor. I was too young to know that there were two categories of poor. One category is poor and the other is very poor. There were many times when I found myself searching for a small, dry breadcrumb. I possessed a huge hope of finding one, but very often I found none. However, I did not lose my big hope. When I did find and tasted the dry breadcrumb, I cannot tell you, how sweet it was. It was always as sweet as my first love. I also cannot forget my first pair of socks. They made me cry. My left toe made a hole right through my sock. Yes, I cried and asked God, “Why?,” but crying did not help me. I believe God heard me, but I was not able to wait. I began thinking how I could help myself. Daily, I began to switch my left sock onto my right foot, and my right sock onto my left foot. My socks lasted much longer and they lived two lives in one. One pair of socks taught me what two pairs could not. Having too much could be, and is, much worse, than having nothing at all. I remember the very first time I held a small piece of cake in my hands. I tasted it first with my eyes, then with my tongue and, finally, I put it in my mouth. I did not chew it; I did not swallow it. I tried to hold its sweet taste for as long as I could. I did not chew it; I did not swallow it. The small piece of cake simply melted in my mouth. I cannot express to you, how sweet it was. It was an extremely sweet taste which has not yet disappeared from my mouth. At that time I called myself poor, but I was unaware that this was my life’s informal schooling. I passed the life’s test to be able to feel and say to myself, “This is mine, and I have enough.” My life taught me how beautiful and healthy life could really be. It could be extremely beautiful. Before I stepped over my formal school’s doorstep, I learned how to divide, share, laugh and cry with others, and pray for others, as well. Parents, please teach your children at home. Don’t allow them to walk away from Nature and God’s name. Don’t let them walk away from their sweet fortune. Yes, I searched for crumbs, and I brushed my teeth with my soft tongue. I fed the poor with my words, my hands and my heart. I fed the ants, the animals and the birds. The following three words and the ONE TRUTH, cannot be described – SWEETNESS, PAIN and LOVE. I would like to graft these words into every young child’s mind and heart. Oh, how healthy and beautiful it is, to be able to accept love, to be able to love, sleep with love, and live with love, and not to be able to just say, “How rich I am.” Break down the big pieces, maybe the ones you are unable to hold in your hand, mind, mouth and in your heart. Healthy life is simple; it is easy to live and describe. More or less than that, life’s puzzles, no matter how you place them, or turn them, will not, and cannot fit together. I’m sorry that I am unable to tell you much more than this. My life and its simple observations and studies, the sweet tiny pieces, my daily life, could not tell me or teach me any more than what God’s creation required. I did not chew, I did not swallow. When I was a young boy, my sweet taste turned into one wish and hope. It was, that one day I too, would be able to grow as a fruit tree did. That this fruit tree should not be too tall, and that it should be like an umbrella fruit tree, which would cover the earth. It should be a tree that every woman, child and man could find easy to reach and taste the fruits of my tree, taste my written words. My dream came true a few years ago, when I opened my gift and took out only a few words which I am presently sharing with you beautiful people around this world. I am a new, unknown writer, a child, who in many ways feels has not yet grown up. Someone has left me a few large steps behind, standing there, inseparable from God’s creation. Most of the time people are telling me, “Your writing is a new writing.” I feel it is sad and I ask, “Why do you call it, The NEW writing? For fifty four years, I have tried to match dry boards of different colors and grains and put them together with dove tail and glue. The one wish and hope I had in mind was that they should mold and stay together a duration of lifetime. I repaired antiques and I glued together separate, broken pieces, again and again. Today I am writing with the same hopes and wishes, that with the help of love and peace, the four beautiful colors and the one born from them, will also stay together, forever. I do not think that my writing is a new form of writing. I am just attempting to put together pieces of life which were broken and continue breaking down, daily. I am trying to put them together in many different ways, with the invisible dove tails, and without the glue. I use health, love and freedom as glue. God, how beautiful it would be, if during my final hours, I could witness the spring bloom and blossom and this world live harmoniously in peace. I thank all of you beautiful, good people around this world. You have chosen to taste my fruits, my written words. I find it difficult to find the proper words to express to you how pleased I am and how sweet tasting this beautiful gift of yours, is!

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