• Friday, January 06th, 2006

My dream began to form in the year 1944. In my dream I dreamed a frightening life’s dream that the earth was losing balance and it was trembling. I called my mom, “Run, help me. Follow the title and turn the world around.” The echo that traveled throughout the small mountains raised its voice and said, “Why not?” The tall mountains began to tremble. I fell down on my knees. The sky turned into an unhappy human face, opened its mouth and raised its voice. Lightning and thunder struck and shook, the earth. The sky turned into what looked like the rivers and human blood vessels. The earth began to weep. I began to scream, “Mom, turn around and look back. The earth is trembling and losing its balance. Follow the title and run.” Daylight suddenly transformed itself into nighttime. What a frightening dream; a night without the dew, a tired earth with dry lips, and high mountains with long wrinkled faces wobbling and shaking. In my dream, I saw Nature as an unhappy human face. It was an expressionless face unable to express the words before tears began to roll down its eyes. Truth was unable to rest and sleep. That’s when the dark night turned into a beautiful day and a beautiful morning. Warm sunrays nourished the earth’s soil, as a mother’s warm look nourishes her child’s mind, eyes and heart. In my life’s dream I dreamed of walking through the end of the long tunnel where the sun rose. I screamed once again, “Mom, follow the title and run.” The high mountains with their long wrinkled faces did not stop wobbling and shaking. In my dream, I stepped on a beautiful, blessed land, the land I call America. It was a beautiful morning as I stood there observing the sunrise with my mind, eyes and heart. As I remained standing on the American land, I will tell you what I saw. I observed the sun that looked like the letter “O” standing in the middle of two M’s. No matter which way I looked at it, how I turned it, or how I spelled it, from the American land it always spelled “Mom”.

I am sorry about my title. On this earth, MOM can run in any direction. High mountains with long wrinkled faces did not stop wobbling and shaking. An echo traveling through the small mountains, as a river whispered,” On this earth Mom can, and will run in any direction.” How sweet! My dream came to an end when my wife woke me up by saying, “Here is your coffee. Take the day off.”

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