• Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

I dedicate this essay to every person who loves and belives in America.

November 2, 2004 was Election Day in America. The sun rose just in time on that day, as did the American people. The two political parties moved forward with great balance, just like a seesaw. On November 3rd, both parties landed on their strong feet with certain balance, just as God’s creation requires.America always was, and still is, a blessed land. It is a land where immigrants from around the world land, and like the birds, safely build their nests. This world is surrounded by a mirror. America, look and you will sure see your own beauty and worth.

November 2, 2004 was a day that must be recorded in history, for it is a day of hope for a better world and a healthier nature. Our world needs help, and within it, there is absolutely no room for hate. It is sad, for in my mind and in my eyes, I feel and see that the world has turned around only once just like a wheel since the days of World War II. The turn made was not a very smooth one.
America has always been, and still is, the greatest mother our world can
have. Current times are begging America for help together with the rest of the world. With truth at its side, the world can help itself.

Presently, the world needs to slow its pace and think and evaluate much more than it has ever thought before. This must be done, however, without wasting too much time. Current times and the world’s nature depend on us. Health and peace is what human life and the rest of nature require. Health and peace are the biggest, most valuable fortunes humans can ever find on this earth. Past history has reflected, and present days are still craving nature’s unfulfilled needs. The worst has happened. Nature has been, and is repeatedly wounded. Steps were taken which superceded God’s creations and taken his law, in vain. Nature has not been helped or improved.

Earth and its soil of innumerable, sweet, minute components of various shapes and colors has been bound with love and respect. It is God’s law of love and respect which holds together the soil, the earth and all of nature’s life. Without it, nature will suffer in the similar way a flower suffers without water and sunlight. Eventually, both will wither away slowly.

Love and respect are two beautiful, healthy gifts given to us by God. They should be shared by the entire world and its nature. I don’t believe that there is anyone who doesn’t like to be loved or respected. It would be difficult to ask, and even more impossible to know, or think, that such a dismal world could ever exist. I do believe that no philosopher can ever be found who would not agree that love and respect are two beautiful essential gifts, and that they should be utilized daily.

Our earth’s soil has similar needs as our bodies and minds. We both need one truth, pure-organic food, clean water and air. We must be aware that whatever our minds can adapt to, our bodies and our health are unable to do. This world needs healers, teachers and leaders who can help all of nature, starting from the simplest, and smallest, to the most complex living things. We need healers, teachers and leaders who can help today’s innocent children who suffer. They can make possible their mother’s needs for a better world. This goes for the rich and the poor, and people of all colors, races and creeds, who can help children who will be born to those mothers.

In a relatively young 21st century, a new base must be built and a key which will fit in each decade’s door lock must be found. The key must be made with respect and love. A key made of anything else will rust, and the world consequently will get stuck behind two doors. Someone who has accepted in heart and mind an artificial flower that lacks any scent, will say that I went too far. My reply to that person is, “No, I did not go too far. I am attempting to return home.” It is also possible that my readers might say that my writing has too often shown words of nature and God’s name. If people do not help nature’s balance to heal, we won’t be able to defend ourselves or fight against the tiniest living things. Our health, bodies and minds will not be able to fight back.

Yesterday, I had cause for a good laugh. It occurred when someone told me that my book mentions America so many times, and he wanted to know why it did so. My response to him was, “And what are you doing here in America?” At that exact moment, the unmentionable days of World War II and specifically the days of 1943, when I was nearly 5 years old, came to my mind. I remembered one unforgettable, cold morning when my father walked in through our doorstep and announced that he was on call to fight the Nazis. My mother began crying as she lifted me up and put me on her shoulder. Then, she proceeded to follow my father. I remember asking her, “Where are we going?” Her reply was, “Don’t worry, America will help us.”

It is now 61 years later and I would like to tell the whole world that my
poor mother’s words were correct. America did help us! American has not changed. The whole world should know that there is no room left on this planet for hate. America and the world together, only with peace, will be able to achieve peace for our innocent children’s future lives. World, we better be good to one another! When we ask for less, I assure you, we can receive much more. World, don’t you see, we lost all our friends. Indirectly, entire nature is fighting back against us, humans. This is a very sad moment for me and for my writing, but I do know this world is filled with good people and God is good. Therefore, I live with a new hope. Nature will accept human help and heal itself quickly. God’s law is based on love in turn for love, and it will work without any questions asked. It has been working for ants and the honeybees, so why can’t it work for us, human beings? My hope is as high as that of ants and honeybees. I have faith in America. America remains and must remain strong. What can this world do and what would it be like without you, America?

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