• Monday, October 17th, 2005

My First Seven Fortunate Years
God, thank you for giving us daytime, but more importantly, thank you even more for the essential and powerful nighttime. Who and what is time? Very often God, time and love come to my mind, and I ask myself, what would happen and why if, love time and God did not have a secret? We are well aware that time is the best teacher and healer, and each one of us in our everyday personal life can be a sound, healthy leader. It is one of the most vital freedoms each of us should have, but somehow, we are unable to find. Our thirsty minds should feed off this spring. Time is nothing more or less than God’s gift for a beautiful, healthy life. This is the only one good, healthy system and all of us would be fortunate, if we could learn and recognize what luck is. Time knocks on our door daily, at its proper time, but are we aware of it?

What happened to the chicks? They are big chickens, and they chirp like chicks. Do you know, can you see what time has done to the poor chicks? Parents, young children need to have their childhood time, just like nature at the proper time, to be able to sleep peacefully, play, think and rest over and over again – think, play, sleep and rest at their right time.

Playing is learning. I was very fortunate during my first seven childhood years. I played, slept and rested from sunrise to sunset and then I thought and played some more. It was during those important early years of my life when my parents slowly began to teach me how to work and how I should help my mind and my body. It was during those first seven years of my life when I was able to sleep very peacefully through the deep nights. I was not awakened in the mornings by my Mother or Father. It was life’s beautiful dream, the sunrise, who woke me up.

I believe the word PLAY has an extremely essential part in a young developing child’s life that it should be written on the first and the last page of the Book of Life. PLAY and PLAYTIME leave a deep mark in every young, tender child’s heart, body and mind. It is a mark which the child will carry with him/her life. These are the unbreakable roots we daily drag behind us. I am very fond of my early childhood days, the days which molded me into who I am now. I can be soft as butter, or when necessary, I can be hard as a rock. I have a deep trust in myself as I hold the “steering wheel” of life in my hands, and I can truly say that as a human being I am an integral small branch of nature’s large tree. When I observe and compare nature’s life to ours, I have concluded that I am still unable to place my trust or belief in the word SMART. What I do know is that no matter what we think, do, eat, and every single step we take, every finger we move, every time we blink an eye, everything is closely tied to and connected to our lives, time and our health. Our hands are capable of moving the hands of a clock, but nature’s time cannot be touched or changed without harming ourselves and nature. Some books are full of pages of good words and earth is full of good, naïve people. It seems to me that for years, SMART is lying on the backs of the naïve people. There are two significant words which must be put to their proper use in order that nature and we, the world’s inhabitants, can have healthy lives. These are the words EARLY and LATE. The important factor is the proper use of time between them when our young children are growing up.

I often hear people say, “It’s early, or it’s too late.” This expression is used on a daily basis by most of us. Past time is telling us that we failed to utilize time at the right time, to enable the development of the young minds. Present time is telling us that it is too late. I am addressing my questions to all thinkers, healers and teachers. Are you capable of seeing a clear picture of the 21st century’s new days through the present foggy days, which will tell us that too early was and is too late? Throughout my life I have always had my ups and my downs, but frankly, nothing has ever worried me more than the existence of some human minds whose deeds have had, and continue to have, an ill negative effect on us and nature’s life.

Our earth is covered by a blanket carrying many truths. The truth which would be able to hold the balance of man-made creations is missing. Please, let’s close our eyes and open our minds. I am deeply saddened when I must think, talk and write about the ONE TRUTH, our health and the well being of nature.

I cannot ever forget my Mother’s words she once told me, “My child, don’t ask me for something that I do not have.” We live in the modern times of the 21st century, and although we are walking on this road, it is sad but true, my child, children of the world, please do not ask us for that which we do not have.

It is only fair that before I go any further, I tell you a little about myself, who I am, and what my beliefs and feelings are. I believe I feel somewhat similar to what a tiny ant and a honey bee might feel when they are rushing to reach their homes before the arrival of frost or an onset of heavy rains. It gives me satisfaction and self respect to know that I am not better, or worse, than any other human being. I am my own best doctor, and nature as well as living from day to day, are both revealing to me that each one of us is meant to be a teacher and a healer. How else could we raise our children and help our grandchildren to lead healthy lives? How else would we be able to help one another have healthy lives and nourish nature, which in turn nourishes us? As I am writing, Pope John Paul the II comes to my mind so very often. He was an incredible human being and I must stop for a moment to recollect my thoughts and say, “Pope John Paul the II, the world will not forget you.” I have always felt very concerned and rather disappointed with those segments of our history and philosophy which are treated as normal, but yet, you and I know they are not. I only which that I could send my grandchildren to Pope John Paul the II school.

It is very difficult for me to look through the foggy days and see the fog. I hear someone calling me. Through the deep dark nights, someone is telling me to write. It is at this very time that nature rests, all is quiet, the wooden floors are still, the old door’s squeak is silent and most important of all, the children are sleeping peacefully as they dream. I continue to write through the deep dark nights and I pray, “God, please help our children walk through their dreams, just one more hour, one more day and one more year.” Parents, let your children sleep peacefully.

The subtitle of my work, MY FIRST SEVEN FORTUNATE YEARS, is taking me on a long journey, so please bear with me. This young generation, our naïve, innocent children and their future days need our help. As I write, I will try to save time, paper and trees and I will make an attempt to combine a thousand words into one – ONE TRUTH.
I was born in a lonely town during lonely times. As I began to grow older, my Mother always told me how she held me by my hand until the very day when I was able to walk on my own. She stood close and never went too far from me. I remember I was always able to call her, “Mom”, and she never failed to be there when I needed her help. I lived during the time of WW II when everything around me reflected loneliness and gloom. There were no friends nearby with whom I could play and I was unaware of the existence of toys. Still, I spent many hours, from sunrise to sunset, playing with my unique toys. There were the live nature’s toys of grass, water, flowers, sand, mud, fish, birds and other domestic animals. I remember the days when I attempted to fly, I climbed the trees and I fell down. I was not easily discouraged, so I climbed over and over again. I tried to swim and touch the bottom of the sea. I tasted the sweet and the sour fruits that I myself picked from various cherry, apple, fig, peach and plum trees. It was during those beautiful, early, seven lucky childhood years of my life when I made the discovery of how my life could be sour and sweet, and how the taste of sweet and sour could be combined. That is just the right taste of what normal, long lasting beautiful life has and is.

I remember when I was a very young boy I asked my Mother an important question. My question was, “Mom, what was the first food you feed me when I was born?” Her instant reply was, “Your first food was a breath of fresh air. Then I fed you love from my heart and milk from my breast.” What a beautiful woman, a beautiful Mother! Her strength was no more or less powerful than the morning sunrise. Whenever my family and I sat down to eat our daily meals, we talked and we laughed. When, now, I look back on those early years of my life, I see the beauty that lies within simplicity of life. I was brought up by my parents’ love and the basic, natural nourishment provided by nature. Wild berries, mulberries, figs, whole wheat bread, homemade cheese, raw goat’s milk and eggs were my everyday foods. My toys, my life, were so important to me that I rarely remembered I was hungry. However, this fat did not go unnoticed by my Mother. Till this very day I have an image in my mind how my Mother chased after me with a spoonful of food in her hand. I now realize and, therefore, have come to believe that what my Mother did then, was a very healthy step, a step nature also takes. It is nature’s and mother’s natural instinct. I believe, however, and I regret to say, that at our present time there are some mothers who either are unaware, or who do not know the value of these early essential steps of life. They are the primary, vital steps and the true voice. They are like an echo between the two high mountains. They are the balance, the life support and the truth which is suffering like the wilting grass. I strongly believe that no one was yet born and will not be born, who can better replace a mother’s healthy instinct and help the child more than his own mother. I cannot say slowly, but I can say, we surely are allowing ourselves to drift away from nature, God’s creation, and, therefore, we are losing our healthy, sound instinct and the healthy base of nature. It is one we must hold onto in order that we may have life support for survival. I believe, too often adopted, unnatural ways of life supercede the natural ways. I fear that soon we will be unable to help ourselves, and tell or teach our children what pure, healthy life is and what is should be.

We are living in the year 2005, the 21st century. We are a broken branch of nature’s tree; we are just hanging there. It is very easy for some of us to say, “Our children are bad.” I ask myself, how sad and shameless are we, not to be able to recognize and say why, they are bad. There is a law of life which simply states, “If we do not have, we are unable to give.” Parents, teachers, healers and writers, it’s simply that some of us just do not have, to give, to offer, what young children need and what their daily healthy lives require now and in their future. Please remember, and do not forget, that every child was born good and innocent, but it is easy to mold an impressionable child into something that he/she originally was not. I believe that this is what is happening to our innocent children. Some of us make our children into what they were not. I have never, yet, seen a bad child, a child who did not have a reason for being bad. I also have never discovered or seen a young plant that could not be bent at the proper time of its life, or a young animal that could not learn, all at its proper time. Although we are climbing up the steps of life rather quickly, I see there is one very weak step there, which will not be able to hold our weight. We forgot about the very first step. It is broken. Before we continue going any further, we must find the proper match and reinstall that first step. If you are able to draw a circle and come back to its original starting point, that same point will tell you why. I am amazed and I often wonder, has the world lost concern and love for itself, not to be able to see where we are sitting and resting. Is this the truth of what is it? I think the world doesn’t see, it doesn’t know at the present time, what time and money can do and what time and money will not be able to buy in our future days.

Ever since I can remember, I was always inquisitive to find out answers to simple questions. I remember asking my Mother when I was a young boy, “Why are you unlike some other mothers, or should I say some other parents?” Some parents do not seem to worry about where their child is, what their child is doing, what and when there child is eating. Some of them do not worry about the time, the essential time, when the child needs to rest and sleep.

My heart goes out to some of these poor planners, poor parents and to their advisors who truly worry and have much to do, but accomplish far worse than nothing. They, for some time, please themselves and not their children, or their children’s future days. They are preoccupied with lots of money, fancy clothes, toys and video games. They run to drive their children to as many after school activities as they can fit into their schedules. They worry and suffer from anxiety stemming from their child’s academic progress. They must keep up with the Jones’.

I find this to be above and below the simple, healthy daily life’s requirement and most certainly above and below the power of God’s creation and nature. I feel a deep sadness in my heart when I stop to think how some parents make poor, unwise use of time. They continue to spread an “infection” which travels rapidly like a plague, and is not only carried into future generations, but continues to interfere with the balance of nature’s life, and our life. I believe there is a medicine that could cure this problem but the question remains, are we strong and wise enough to reach for it over the high wall? Do you want to know the simple name of this medicine? It is called LIFE’S EDUCATION.
When I asked my Mother the specific question previously mentioned, she gave me her heartfelt reply, “Son, my life and my time is just for you.” There wasn’t anything in this world that was more important for my Mother, than my time and her time which she gave to me daily. Parents, that was, is, and always will be, the healthiest and the best investment you will ever make in your life for you and the whole world. Parents, your children need time at their proper time, just as you need that exact second when you must inhale your next breath of air. Mother’s, this is that one special instant in love, which you cannot forget and you cannot forgive.

I remember well the words my Mother said when I was fifteen years old. Times were tough and our lives were poor and difficult. My Mother was always in search of finding a better life for me, so one day she sat me down and said, “My son, although I love you very much and I do not want to lose you, you must try to find a better future for yourself. Run away, like the others are doing, cross the border and get yourself to America.” I am unable to step over the first step and not to be able to say, one beautiful America. My Mother’s voice went on, “You will find a better life there.” God, she did love me! My life’s experiences showed me that my Mother’s love was just for me. It was, and it still is my beautiful feeling which cannot ever dry up or leave me.

I am most certain that there will be some soft hearted readers who might be touched by my message and have a cause to shed a tear. I believe it’s simply a sign that you were also loved and in turn you are capable to have and give love to others. I also believe that just at that very moment when we may feel like no one cares or loves us, there is a God above who has never stopped loving us.
The fact, which I am realizing more each day of my life is that my life as I knew it was poor, but happy. I became a soldier at an early age of 18 when the word FEAR had no existence in my mind or heart. Army life was difficult and I often wrote home. I especially remember how happy I was when I knew I would be going home to visit for a few days. I wrote a letter saying, “Dear Mom. The food in the army is horrible. Most of the time I am unable to eat it. I am coming home in a few days to see you.” When the day came and I got home I’ll never forget the look on my Mother’s face as she greeting me. When I sat down to eat my favorite meal, served on that exact plate I used when I was a young boy, my Mother sat next to me. With a smile on her pretty face I could hear her saying, “Son, are you proud of your Mother?” I will remember those exact words and that special moment for as long as I live. My early memories, my parents’ warm sweet words and their touch, the little fork and spoon, the home cooked meals are unforgettable and will always be cherished. My good Mother was my good friend. She was my first teacher, my helper and my healer. She was the kind of Mother who always gave me so much from the very little piece she had on her plate. That piece was her very best one and when she departed with it, it was given with her whole heart. She spent her time for me and with me, and that is something I have never forgotten.

I have some fond, but extremely sad memories of the hours, days, weeks, months and years when my Mother and I waited for my Father to return home after fighting in the treacherous WW II. It was a war which left deep scars in my mind and heart. It was a war that left behind more than most of us can feel, think or see. It left behind a world whose wounds have not yet been healed and the world will not heal them. One truth and time between the words TOO EARLY and TOO LATE is not very far. The truth which has been suffering and waiting for too long will be helped. My family and I were poor and we worked very hard, but God rewarded us. Although we had little, it had a sweet taste and, therefore, life gave us daily much more for less. We were fortunate, because we lived with a huge hope, a hope that made our hearts feel rich. Although we ate five small daily meals, they were home cooked and prepared with organic foods which grew in our own garden. I remember, we did not have soap, so we basically washed ourselves with the rainwater from our well. At that time I was too young to know that dirt could not be washed off without the use of clean water.

It is now the year 2005 and we are commencing life in the 21st century. Just like the spring, a new history of an unknown color has bloomed. We now have an ample supply of soap, but I fear that our supply of pure, clean water is lacking. I keep wondering, if there is perhaps a logical explanation, why. Maybe someone is trying to tell us that pure fertilizers and clean air can help us and our minds and bodies discover what we have lost. Our modern, technologically advanced world is inhabited by good, naïve people. I am sad to say, however, that when I search for the word SMART in some homes, in some schools, in foods and in the air, and in rain, I am unable to find it. SMART seems to be reclining on the backs of some good, naïve people.

My Mother explained to me about the time when I was born and how I took my first deep breath of fresh air. When I think back, correct me if I am wrong, I believe that the clean fresh air, my first breath, my first food for which my poor Mother did not have to pay were all my first big gift from God. Isn’t it sad that if someone predicted we would not have what money could buy, it fell on deaf ears? Almighty Father, I am thinking, how will I be able to give back to you my dirty breath. Please help me learn what I do not need to learn. What is philosophy if it cannot mold and decompose and what is less than nothing? Children of the world, do not ask us yet for what we do not have. World took a large step away and far from its home.

When I think back I am unable to forget my early childhood days when out of need and necessity I slept in the same bed where my parents slept. I recall the warmth of the words and the embraces of, my early years and, even though, I’m a grandfather, I still find myself cherishing those very memories and holding them close to my heart. When I go to sleep I take them all to bed with me and I sleep like a baby with the dreams and hopes for another beautiful day that will come tomorrow.
I must not and will not forget the nature’s beauty. Nature was my friend, my teacher and my healer. I call them all my healthy leaders who helped and taught me over and over again the same words, the same truth, never ignoring or disappointing me. They taught me what human mind cannot and is not able. This is not a secret. It is a healthy truth, a truth that made my mind just like the tip of the needle. I strongly believe that too many of us are drifting away from nature, God’s creation, and are therefore, losing our healthy base of life. In my eyes and mind, human life, health and healthy education is falling in the arms of the last word of my book. I believe pure life is life, and it is a beautiful one.

Oh God, there are so many things flying through my mind. I almost forgot to tell you about my old friend, Anton, and what he expressed to my parents about me. He was my neighbor, and he often watched me as I played. One day he visited my Mother and simply said to her, “Your son is playing too much. He will never grow up.” Anton was a man who loved to read and he stared for hours at the written words, yet he failed to learn what could be the difference between LIE and TRUTH and who could possibly write those words. He was a man who ignored nature and he had little or no belief in God and his powers. He lay down his own road and consequently walked on it. He died hungry and poor, but continued to hold onto his big hopes with an empty heart. He died with his new study underneath his arm, a study which he took with him to the grave. I was there when he died. I was also there when the four people buried him into a deep grave. I whispered, “Anton, don’t come back.” I think he is back with his same new study underneath his arm, a study which Anton could not sell. It makes me think, “Who sent Anton back and why?”

Ever sine my childhood days I’ve walked on the unpaved road, the road that has a large sign. When I became ten I was able to clearly read what the sign said, “DON’T RUSH. ENJOY THE JOURNEY, YOU WILL NOT BE LATE.” Throughout my life, I have walked on the border of the old and the new days. On that forked road, a new road, new days and a new sign appeared. The sign asks ‘WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” I took a few steps and looked at the sign from the other side. It reads, ‘IT YOU RETURN, PLEASE WASH ME. TAKE THE DIRT OFF WITH CLEAN WATER.” The sign is still standing there and it reads, “WASH ME.” World, can you do it? Can you look back and tell our children where their home as before some man’s destructive creations dispossess us and in turn inform us, “This is our land, this is now our home.” Time, like true love possesses a deep secret. In our lifetime, TOO LATE could be TOO EARLY!

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